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If you feel like the structured learning environment provided by a Tampa CFA prep course could help you study for the test, Varsity Tutors provides one of the top products in the space. The CFA (or Chartered Financial Analyst) certification is awarded to individuals who hold a bachelor's degree, meet minimum work experience criteria, and pass a three-part CFA Exam. Approximately 150,000 financial professionals hold this designation around the world, letting consumers know that these select individuals combine academic financial knowledge with practical portfolio management skills.

The three CFA tests are numbered (Level I, Level II, Level III) and must be taken in the proper sequence. All three exams cover similar topics, with higher-level tests digging deeper into them than lower-level counterparts. Each is also broken into morning and afternoon testing sessions lasting three hours each. Enroll in a Tampa CFA class today if you want more information on how to approach these challenging tests.

What subjects can I review in a Tampa CFA course?

The material you need to cover depends entirely on which level of the CFA Exam you're preparing for. For instance, the Level I exam utilizes a multiple-choice format with 240 questions split evenly between the two sessions. Each item has three possible answer choices, so your instructor may show you how to eliminate incorrect responses in order to deduce the correct answer if you get stuck. There is also no penalty for guessing on the exam, so you might go over time management strategies to help ensure that you get to answer every question.

The Level II CFA Exam is similar, except that items are based on included vignettes instead of standing alone. You might review textual or graphical information on this section, so taking notes on what each source actually means can make it easier to answer the questions. Your instructor may also recommend reading the questions before the vignette so you know exactly what information to look for.

The afternoon session of the Level III CFA Exam is comparable to Level II, but the morning session is comprised exclusively of constructed response items. If you could more effectively express yourself in writing, your instructor can show you how to outline your work so that you have a convenient road map to follow.

What are a few of the benefits of taking a Tampa CFA course?

Every Tampa CFA class we provide consists of a group of students meeting with their knowledgeable instructor on our proprietary Live Learning Platform for maximal convenience. Varsity Tutors vets every instructor, so you can count on receiving guidance from a skilled communicator who really understands CFA concepts. Video chat functionality ensures that your instructor can see and hear you as though you were in the same room, so don't be afraid to raise your hand if you need clarification on something.

Our platform also leverages powerful features such as a virtual whiteboard and mobile compatibility to provide a great studying experience wherever you happen to be. If you have a gap between classes at a local college like the University of Tampa or the University of South Florida, enrolling in one of our courses could be a fantastic way to spend that downtime. You can also attend a class from the comfort of home, taking the hassle out of standardized test prep.

Our platform also enables you to see and hear your fellow students, and this is a good thing. If one of them is struggling with derivatives, you can try teaching it to them while building on your knowledge base. Likewise, hearing another voice explain the potential benefits and risks of alternative investments may be all it takes for you to understand it. Many students actually find it easier to develop a deep understanding of academic concepts in a collaborative learning environment, so don't be afraid to see your classmates as a valuable resource to draw on.

Working in a group also delivers superior value for your money. If you think you need extra help with something, you also have the right to request a time to speak with your instructor privately if you feel the need.

Varsity Tutors also makes attending a class as easy as possible. We offer multiple CFA courses concurrently, including two- and four-week options to accommodate a variety of different schedules. New courses also start up monthly, so you never need to wait too long to get started.

Can somebody help me sign up for a Tampa CFA course?

Of course. Reach out to an Educational Consultant using the information provided below for real-time assistance with our convenient enrollment process. Varsity Tutors is proud of the Tampa CFA class options we provide, and we look forward to sharing them with you!

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