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If you're looking for reputable Syracuse Praxis prep, Varsity Tutors is here to support you through your Praxis journey. The Praxis exams are often used as part of the process to become certified to teach and are required by some states and licensure programs. As an important step in your bid to become a teaching professional, it's critical to prepare adequately. Many people find the idea of creating a thorough study plan on their own to be overwhelming. Signing up for Syracuse Praxis prep allows you to instead focus on the material and content while leaving the lesson planning to an experienced Praxis coach. For more information about the benefits you can gain from the prep opportunities offered by Varsity Tutors, continue reading.

What topics and skills can be covered during Syracuse Praxis prep?

The Praxis is offered in two versions. Students entering a teacher preparation program at a school such as Syracuse University may need to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) Exam. There are three separate Core tests: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. You can choose to take all three tests at the same time or can take them on separate days. Your Praxis prep can help you review topics such as analysis of multiple documents, revision of writing, and research strategies. Your instructor can also go over algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics material.

The Praxis Subject Assessments consist of two types of tests: Subject Assessment and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests. The Subject Assessments evaluate your skills and knowledge of teaching principles and the subject you wish to teach. The PLT Tests come in four different grade-level ranges: Early Childhood, K-6, 5-9, and 7-12. The time limit of each test varies from 1 hour to 4 hours. Syracuse Praxis prep can help you review instructional methods, subject content, and administer practice exams. This can help you feel confident on exam day.

What are the benefits of signing up for an online Syracuse Praxis prep course or private instruction?

With two excellent options for Praxis prep, you can feel confident you're receiving instruction from experienced and skilled Praxis teachers. Each option does have its own set of advantages which we'll take a closer look at now.

When you sign up to take our online Syracuse Praxis prep class, you'll be able to log into your class on a virtual learning platform. The online platform is equipped with a virtual whiteboard and video chat capabilities. This enables you to interact directly with your teacher during lessons. You can also communicate with your Praxis classmates and work on group activities. You may also have opportunities to engage in discussions which can introduce you to different ideas and perspectives. Collaborative learning opportunities can help with memory retention and make your classes more exciting. Our classes are administered in two-week and four-week offerings. New sessions start monthly so you can begin a Praxis course at any time throughout the year. We also offer classes at different times during the day to make it simple for you to find one that fits within your current timeline.

If you enjoy a more relaxed and flexible learning experience, you can sign up to work with a private Praxis tutor. Private instruction provides you with the chance to work through personalized lessons which focus on your specific instructional needs. You also have the luxury of moving at a pace you find comfortable. This allows you to skip over some content completely and spend more time reviewing topics you need assistance understanding. Your private teacher can also use your sessions to learn more about your personality, goals, academic strengths/weaknesses, and your preferred method of learning. This information can assist your instructor to further customize your sessions. Another benefit of private instruction is the flexibility it affords you. You can choose to meet with your instructor online using our Live Learning Platform or if you prefer, you can meet with your teacher in person. We'll make sure to connect you to instructors who are able to meet at your desired time.

Some teaching candidates can benefit from both options, which gives access to both collaborative social projects and one-on-one review sessions. No matter which you chose, you can expect to feel supported as you work towards your goals.

How do I sign up to work with a private Syracuse Praxis tutor or enroll in an online course?

To get started in a class or with a tutor, all you need to do is contact our educational directors by phone or online. We'll answer your questions and get you started in the option which best suits your particular goals and needs. Pick up your phone and call Varsity Tutors so we can get you started with excellent Syracuse Praxis preparation.

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