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If you're planning to take the Maine bar exam, you can count on Varsity Tutors to find excellent Maine bar exam tutoring for you. Without passing the state's bar exam, you cannot practice law in Maine. Each state has their own requirements for practicing law, and Maine is part of the UBE, or Uniform Bar Exam, which means that once you pass the exam in Maine, there are states you could practice law in without having to retake this set of three exams, though there would be other requirements. You will also have to pass a character and fitness investigation performed by the NCBE, or National Conference of Bar Examiners.

The bar exam is a long and complex test that will take three days to complete. Preparing thoroughly is the best way to make the most of your time prior to the exam date you have chosen. Fortunately, Varsity Tutors can set you up with one of the best Maine bar exam tutors, whether you want to learn in person or online.

What will the Maine bar exam be like?

The Maine bar exam costs $600 for first-time, non-attorney test takers. The same fee applies for repeating the exam, so it's in your best interest to pass the first time you take the exam. There is also a sliding scale of fees for taking the test on your laptop based on when you sign up.

The MBE, or Multistate Bar Examination, is one of three tests that are part of the UBE. It's taken over the course of a day, with a three-hour section at the beginning of the day and another three-hour section in the afternoon. Each section has 100 multiple-choice questions. There are seven subject areas tested on this portion of the bar exam: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Real Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, and Torts. Questions vary widely from topics like jury trials and motions to ownership and rights in real property.

The Multistate Essay Examination, or MEE, is made up of six questions. You'll have 30 minutes to answer each one. A variety of topics can appear in the following categories: Civil Procedure, Family Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Conflict of Laws, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, Trusts and Estate, Torts, Business Associations, and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. You might see one item on the creation of partnerships and another on the jurisdiction of courts, among many others.

The MPT, or Multistate Performance Test, requires you to complete two tasks that a practicing attorney might be assigned in their daily duties. You have 90 minutes to complete each task, which can be anything from writing a memorandum to a supervising attorney to devising a contract provision. You'll need to think quickly and clearly in order to sort the factual material and separate the relevant and irrelevant facts, analyze materials, apply the relevant law to the facts so you can solve the client's problem, identify and resolve any ethical dilemmas, and communicate concisely and completely in writing.

Finally, the MPRE, or Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination, tests you on items based on the laws governing the conduct and discipline of lawyers and judges. There are 60 multiple-choice questions on this exam, and you will have up to two hours to complete them.

How can Maine bar exam tutoring help me prepare for the test?

There are many benefits to studying with the assistance of Maine bar exam tutors as opposed to studying on your own. Your private instructor can get to know you and develop an overall study plan that takes into account attributes like your strengths, challenges, interests, and goals, as well as the pace that you generally feel more comfortable with. Once this study plan is developed, it's entirely flexible based on your performance. If you master the different roles of a lawyer more quickly than planned, you can skip right to landlord-tenant law, even in the same session if you want.

When we connect you with Maine bar exam tutoring, your instructor can make use of your most effective learning methods. If you do well with practice tests, they can provide these for you. Practice tests or sections have a lot of uses. They can be a diagnostic tool, and device to use to track your growth, and a way to alleviate test anxiety by helping you become familiar with the exam before the day of the test arrives.

Your Maine bar exam coach can teach you test-taking strategies in addition to content review. Time management is one of the most important strategies to master regarding every section of the bar exam. This is another use for practice tests or test sections. If your pace is not quick enough to complete all the questions or write a well-reasoned, concise, clear essay, your instructor can offer helpful suggestions based on your testing strengths. You can take regular practice sections until your pace leaves you feeling confident that you'll be able to complete all items on the exam within the time allotted.

The main thing to remember is that your tutoring sessions revolve around you and your needs. They can be entirely flexible to meet your changing requirements. You can study alternatives to adoption one week and real estate contracts the next. You can spend a bit of extra time exploring the regulation of the legal profession if you need to, and you can skip right past negligence and intentional torts if you're mastered them. The choice is always yours.

How can I fit test preparation from a Maine bar exam tutor into my busy schedule?

When we find Maine bar exam tutors for you, we first learn your schedule so we can find someone who is available at the same time. This way, you don't have to rearrange your schedule to fit in discussions about individual rights and due process. Since you would be studying anyway, this may not add any extra time to your schedule beyond what you already planned, especially since your study sessions can be more efficient than if you were studying on your own.

We can find a Maine bar exam coach to meet with you either online or in person. There is extra convenience when you choose to meet online. You'll meet your instructor via our Live Learning Platform, where you can interact in real time using the video chat feature. Your tutor can use the virtual whiteboard to show a basic outline of an essay like the ones you'll write on the MEE, and you can use the shared document editor to practice answering essay questions about the powers of Congress, consideration in contracts, and presentation of evidence.

One of the best features is that the platform automatically records each of your online Maine bar exam training sessions, so when you want to review the process involved in legal analysis and reasoning, you can do so.

How can I get signed up for Maine bar exam training?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to get started with professional tutoring for the Maine bar exam. All you need to do is contact us online or by phone and speak with our polite, dedicated educational consultants. They can answer your questions and get the information they need from you to find qualified Maine bar exam tutors who can meet your academic and scheduling needs.

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