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A one-on-one SE Exam class through Varsity Tutors may give you the opportunity to build your confidence under the guidance of an expert instructor. The SE exam assesses your ability to design bridges or buildings, particularly in high seismicity and wind areas. This test is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying or NCEES. Spanning two days, this exam takes an overall total of 16 hours to complete its vertical and lateral components. If both components are passed, you can gain licensing in structural engineering for any area that accepts the certificate. This exam is specifically for those seeking certification in vertical and lateral forces. Get in touch with our Educational Directors to explore your SE Exam course options today!

It is important to understand the way the SE Exam is set up, as your SE Exam prep class can delve deeper into. There is an 8-hour Vertical Forces and Incidental Lateral component that must be taken on a Friday. The other 8-hour component is Lateral Forces. Both are split into breadth (general) and depth (single area) topics. For instance, the Breadth-focused Lateral Forces component consists of the following types of problems:

Lateral Forces - Saturday AM

Topic Section # Questions
Generation of Loads Analysis of Structures 7
Load Distribution and Analysis Methods Analysis of Structures 8
General Structural Considerations Design and Details of Structures 3
Structural Systems Integration Design and Details of Structures 2
Structural Steel Design and Details of Structures 5
Cold-Formed Steel Design and Details of Structures 1
Concrete Design and Details of Structures 5
. Wood Design and Details of Structures 3
Masonry Design and Details of Structures 3
Foundations and Retaining Structures Design and Details of Structures 3

Your SE Exam courses revolve entirely around your individual needs. Perhaps you need to focus on design strategies based on the type of material you use or you'd rather explore the existing design guidelines. Your SE Exam prep classes can focus on the material that you need, rather than the full exam, to bring efficiency to your test prep efforts. By focusing solely on what you need, you can get more out of each study session.

Your tutor can take the time to create a learning plan for your SE Exam course that encompasses your learning style, skill level, testing goals, and other factors. Armed with this plan, your tutor can find a variety of ways to help you engage with the material as you study.

Your SE Exam classes can help you familiarize yourself with the topics covered on each component of the exam, such as the Lateral Forces below:

Lateral Forces Topics - Saturday PM

  • Buildings
    • Steel Structure
    • Concrete Structure
    • Wood and/or Masonry Structure
    • General Analysis
    • Exam Coverage
      • Loads
      • Lateral Earth Pressures
      • Analysis Methods
      • General Structural Considerations
      • Structural Systems Integration
      • Foundations and Retaining Structures
  • Bridges
    • Piers or abutments (25% of your score)
    • Foundations (25% of your score)
    • General analysis of seismic forces (50% of your score)
    • Exam Coverage
      • Gravity Loads
      • Superstructures
      • Lateral Forces (including seismic)

As you work alongside your private instructor, you can explore the content of the exam as slowly or quickly as you'd like. Perhaps you feel comfortable with structural systems integration but need more time to build your understanding of the analysis methods used for designing buildings. Your SE prep courses can readily adjust to suit your development. Your tutor may employ a variety of techniques suitable for your learning personality to encourage your skill growth.

A one-on-one SE Exam class allows you to stop to ask questions as soon as you have one. Your instructor won't shame you or make you wait until the end of your lesson. Instead, they can take the time to patiently explain the material until you feel confident in your knowledge.

Reach out to Varsity Tutors to speak with an academic advisor about how a SE Exam prep course can support you as you pursue your professional goals. We can't wait to help you connect with a skilled instructor.

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