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If you're looking into SAT Math prep options to help your student make the most of their educational opportunities, Varsity Tutors can set them up with an SAT Math course to help them work towards achieving their academic potential. Your student may prefer small-group SAT Math courses with just a few other SAT Math test prep students, allowing them to encourage one another and share suggestions, and Varsity Tutors can help with that. Perhaps your student would prefer individual SAT Math tutoring so they can meet privately with an SAT Math test prep tutor dedicated solely to meeting their study needs. We offer that option as well.

Signing your student up for help with their SAT Math test prep through Varsity Tutors is an outstanding way to improve the quality of their study sessions. It's easy to get started with an in-depth SAT Math class by contacting Varsity Tutors today. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about how an SAT Math course could help your student get the most out of each study session.

The SAT is a high-stakes exam used by colleges throughout the US as one part of the admissions process. It consists of four sections, including a Math section that some students may want to specifically prepare for. If you have any concerns about your student's ability to earn a high score on the Math section, providing them with quality SAT Math courses, which are administered by knowledgeable SAT Math test preparation professionals, can make a huge difference.

Can an SAT Math course near me help my student understand why the SAT is so important?

Whether you and your student choose individual SAT Math prep lessons or small-group ones, their SAT Math preparation can include a discussion of the reason they need to take the exam and what kind of impact it could have on their entire future lives. Sometimes teenagers give more weight to what their SAT Math tutors have to say because they see them as authority figures, so if they need motivation to work hard during their SAT Math prep, you can depend on their instructor to provide that as part of their SAT Math preparation.

The SAT exam was developed to provide benefits to both the students who take it and the colleges that use the results. Almost all colleges and universities accept SAT scores as part of an applicant's admissions materials. If your student's abilities in math have any chance of keeping them from earning the highest score possible on the SAT, you should definitely get SAT Math prep aid for them. Admissions committees use SAT scores to compare all candidates using a common data point. Your student's score will be compared with those of students around the nation and the world, so dedicated SAT Math test prep support could be the key to your their earning a competitive score. Admissions boards evaluate how well prepared applicants are to begin college-level study successfully. This is probably the main reason the quality of your student's SAT Math test preparation is so important.

More than 1.5 million college-bound high school students take the SAT each year, each one doing some version of test preparation including SAT Math prep. By researching the requirements of the colleges or universities your student is applying for, you and your student can decide what their goal score should be. If math is at all challenging for your student, they can then sign up for quality SAT Math test prep aid to help them develop the study skills and review the knowledge they need to do their best on the Math section of the exam. Varsity Tutors connects your student with SAT Math tutoring professionals who know what it takes to prepare effectively and how to impart that to your student in a way that they can understand. If you feel that the student in your life could benefit from dedicated SAT Math test prep, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of SAT Math prep classes.

How can SAT Math classes near me prepare my student for the format of the Math section?

Most SAT Math test prep classes begin by looking over the structure and content of the Math section, which is divided into two subsections. The time allowed to complete the entire SAT exam is 3 hours, with another 50 minutes if your student takes the Essay section. Of those 3 hours, 80 minutes are set aside for the Math section. It's the section that takes the longest amount of time, so your student's SAT Math prep tutor might choose to spend time during your student's SAT Math classes working on building their endurance so they can finish the Math section as strong as they begin it. Often, SAT Math tutors have students take timed practice Math sections. Continue reading to see the kinds of strategies your student may learn in order to aid them in remaining fresh for the whole exam.

As mentioned above, the SAT Math section is divided into two sections, which are timed separately, so their tutor may want to have separate SAT Math prep sessions for each section. Most questions on the SAT, including those in the Math section, are presented in a multiple-choice format, so their instructor will likely spend SAT Math class time teaching them strategies to answer those questions in a timely manner. A few of the questions in the Math section are called grid-ins, and your student has to work the whole problems in order to provide the correct answer in written form instead of just choosing the best answer from the choices given. This is another thing their tutor can help them practice during their SAT Math test prep. First your student will answer 20 questions on which they are not allowed to use a calculator. They are given up to 25 minutes to complete these problems. In the next subsection, they are allowed to use their calculator to answer 38 questions within a time limit of 55 minutes. Although the section allows calculator use, most students end up not using the calculator on all problems because it often takes more time to use it than not. It may be counterintuitive, but spending time during their SAT Math test prep working on answering questions with minimal calculator use may be a good plan.

What kinds of math skills can SAT Math tutors near me help my student review?

The list below highlights some of the fundamental concepts your student may review during their SAT Math test preparation:

SAT Math Skills Assessed

  • Fluency - the ability to understand and solve a problem accurately and efficiently
  • Conceptual Understanding - the command of mathematical operations, relations, and concepts
  • Applications - the ability to understand a real-world problem, identify the information needed to put together a solution, and then execute that solution mathematically

That list might seem a little abstract, so here's a practice question students might see in an SAT Math class:

At a primate reserve, the mean age of all the male primates is 15 years, and the mean age of all female primates is 19 years. Which of the following must be true about the mean age (m) of the combined group of male and female primates at the primate reserve?

  1. m = 17
  2. m > 17
  3. m < 17
  4. 15 < m < 19

If you're concerned that your student may have missed that one, Varsity Tutors offers SAT Math courses that can review any math concepts or topics they've forgotten or need to learn. SAT Math tutoring can study each content area as much or little as your student needs.

The first content area is called Heart of Algebra, which focuses on the many practical uses of algebra your student will need to be proficient in for their college success as well as for their future career and day-to-day life. Their SAT Math prep instructor can begin by assessing your student's ability to analyze, fluently solve, and adeptly create linear equations and inequalities using a variety of techniques. The results of this assessment can guide their future lessons on algebra topics.

The next content area is called Problem Solving and Data Analysis, which again focuses on everyday skills your student will definitely use both during their college years and beyond. Being able to effectually determine the parameters of a problem, develop an understandable representation considering the units and quantities involved, and use the different properties of operations and objects to solve it has applications in thousands of situations, some small and inconsequential and some greatly significant, in all areas of school, work, and general living. It's the kind of thing anyone can improve on at any time, and it's especially important that it's included during your student's SAT Math prep sessions.

The final content area is called Passport to Advanced Math. Your student's SAT Math classes will likely include a review of how well they understand the structure of expressions and their ability to analyze, manipulate, and rewrite these expressions. This is the highest level of math that all college graduates are expected to have achieved, so your student may want to spend significant time during their SAT Math classes preparing for this section. This level of math also sets the base for students who plan to pursue further math education in subjects like calculus, mathematical physics, differential equations, and other highly advanced math subjects.

What are the benefits of the two options Varsity Tutors offers for SAT Math test prep near me?

One-on-one SAT Math tutoring can provide students with a level of individualized attention that they cannot generally get from larger classroom lessons. Your student can have their SAT Math prep questions answered as they come up, which may allow misconceptions to be corrected before they ever develop into a problem. With just your student and their tutor, they have far more flexibility in developing lesson content SAT Math test prep option, allowing your student to study at their own pace.

SAT Math tutors working with just one student have the opportunity to create dynamic lessons that focus very precisely on your student's needs. If your student is entirely blocked on a particular type of question, their tutor can give them as much time and as many practice problems as they need to until the dam breaks and they are able to master the problem type. This kind of focus isn't possible in group classes because it would deprive the other students of valuable study time. Some students may prefer individual tutoring because they learn faster or slower than an average group of students because they have an uncommon learning style that an individual tutor can accommodate, or because they just prefer not to study in a group setting. If any of these fit your student, you should probably sign them up for SAT Math test prep tutoring.

If your student thrives on a team atmosphere, being able to connect with other students who are going through the same struggles they are, and encouraging each other when they experience victories, they will probably opt for a small-group course. This is a small class where your student, an instructor, and several classmates all tackle SAT Math preparation together. Some students may benefit from the collaborative learning environment this produces. If your student can't decide which option would be best for them, you could sign them up for a small-group SAT Math course and supplement that with the occasional solo lesson with the instructor when they run into a particularly challenging issue.

Whichever SAT Math test prep option you and your student choose, there is enhanced scheduling flexibility resulting from all sessions taking place over the Internet using the Varsity Tutors Live Learning Platform. Without any obstacles related to transportation availability or travel time, both tutors and students may have broader scheduling options.

It's important to note that SAT Math prep is not limited to content review. As has been alluded to in previous paragraphs, SAT Math tutors in either individual or small-group classes can provide study skills and test-taking strategies to help your student get the most of their individual studying time and overcome some of the barriers students tend to face on the SAT like wording questions in a way that's unfamiliar to them. Your student will not be penalized for any questions they answer incorrectly but will be for questions they don't answer, so another thing they can work on is time management. Their tutor can observe how they answer questions and then offer the kinds of strategies that can specifically improve their pacing.

To get your student started with SAT Math tutoring or SAT Math small group classes right away, contact Varsity Tutors. We look forward to helping your student as they work towards achieving their dreams.

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