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If you're looking for quality Oklahoma City MCAT prep, Varsity Tutors has you covered. Students hoping to someday attend a prestigious medical program at a school such as the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center will more than likely be required to turn in an MCAT score with their application. This is due to the fact that almost all medical schools require the MCAT as part of the admissions process. This is one of the first hurdles you will face as you prepare to embark on a medical career. The various skills and areas of knowledge assessed in the MCAT are the same skills you will need in order to do well and your medical school courses as well as in your future medical profession. Therefore, you will want to make sure you adequately prepare for this critical exam. You will only have the opportunity to take this exam a total of seven times in your life, so make sure to properly prepare before attempting to take the exam. Prospective medical schools will receive all of your scores if you take the exam more than once. With so much riding on this one exam, you'll want to make sure to take advantage of excellent resources and tools available through Varsity Tutors to assist you in proper preparation.

What subjects and skills can Oklahoma City MCAT prep cover to assist me in reviewing for the MCAT?

The MCAT is a four section exam that lasts for 7.5 hours. This time limit includes your breaks. Each section contains between 53 and 59 questions and has a time limit of between 90 and 95 minutes. All sections contain passage-based sets of questions, which can contain up to seven questions for each passage. Some of the sections also contain 15 independent questions. You will answer a total of 230 questions that assess whether you have retained the knowledge and skills learned in your introductory level biology, psychology, sociology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry courses. The four sections are Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills, Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems, and Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior. Let's do a quick review of the basic content found in each.

The Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section evaluates your knowledge of the functions of various parts of human anatomy. You'll also need to know the basic physical and chemical properties of living systems.

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section tests your reading comprehension and analytical reasoning skills. The answers to the questions in this section will come directly from the provided passages.

The Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems portion of the MCAT assess your knowledge of the processes unique to living organisms as well as your knowledge of adaptation.

The Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section is your opportunity to show your knowledge on behaviors impact on health and well-being.

What are the different types of Oklahoma City MCAT prep available through Varsity Tutors?

When you choose to utilize Varsity Tutors for your MCAT review purposes, you will have the opportunity to choose between two excellent review options. Varsity Tutors offers both private MCAT instruction and online interactive MCAT classes. Both options are able to help you review all the skills and content areas you will need to know in order to do well on the MCAT. However, each comes with its own set of benefits so let's take a look at the different options more closely.

If you are the kind of learner who prefers to work at your own pace, you may wish to work with a private Oklahoma City MCAT tutor. You will be able to speak to your instructor face-to-face using our unique online Live Learning Platform. This allows you to work with your instructor anywhere you can find high-speed Internet and a computer, including the comfort of your own home, the local library, or even your favorite coffee shop. We make it very easy and convenient to fit private instruction into your busy schedule.

When you work with a private instructor you will have the opportunity for the type of customized attention often impossible to find in a traditional classroom setting. You will be able to receive personalized lessons based on your exact areas of need while accounting for your particular strengths and opportunities. These lessons can be adjusted as your knowledge and skills progress and improve to ensure your study sessions are effective and efficient. You will be able to receive immediate feedback as you work on different types of questions and practice the skills needed to do well on the MCAT.

If you prefer a more structured and social learning environment, our Oklahoma City MCAT prep class may be the right option for you. This online class can be accessed using the online learning platform, bringing an interactive and collaborative classroom to you. These courses will cover the content and skills in each section of the MCAT. You will be able to participate in group activities and engage in group discussions as you work on reviewing for each section. These kinds of collaborative activities have been shown to help students understand concepts more fully and can make learning more enjoyable.

If you're unsure which of these options to choose, you may wish to take advantage of both, which can give you the best of both worlds. No matter what your exact instructional and scheduling needs are, Varsity Tutors is here to support you in selecting the right MCAT review option to suit your particular requirements.

How can I sign up to begin Oklahoma City MCAT prep?

If you're ready to get started with a tutor or Oklahoma City MCAT prep course, all you need to do is pick up the phone and speak with one of our educational consultants. We will sign you up for a two-week course, four-week course, or connect you with a knowledgeable instructor to assist you in starting as soon as you're would like to begin. Call Varsity Tutors and sign up for exceptional Oklahoma City MCAT preparation today.

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