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Varsity Tutors can come to your aid if you are in need of an effective Memphis ACT prep course. Getting a good score on the ACT is one of the many ways that you can impress the admissions staff at whichever colleges you are thinking about attending. If you are currently attending a local school like Christian Brothers High School or White Station High School, then it's likely that you are already thinking about submitting college applications. However, you will first need to take an admissions exam such as the ACT. Your ACT score will be one of the many factors that determine which colleges you get into, so it's important that you make a wholehearted effort to understand how this important examination works.

If you suspect that a Memphis ACT course could benefit you, then you are not alone. Anyone from freshmen to seniors can benefit from some extra ACT preparation. These quality courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who can guide you through the process of building more effective ACT study skills that can benefit you not just on the exam itself, but throughout your entire academic and professional career.

What materials can a Memphis ACT course help me review?

The major sections of the ACT include Math, Reading, Science, and English. There is also an optional Writing section. If you opt to take the full exam with the Writing section, it will last three hours and 35 minutes. If you decide not to take the Writing portion, you can expect to be in the examination room for two hours and 55 minutes. Bear in mind that there are no penalties for guessing, so be sure you answer every single question. Let's take a look at each section to gain a better understanding of what you'll be facing on the test.

When you take the Science section of the ACT, you will be expected to answer 40 questions in 35 minutes. These questions will test your competency in topics such as physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, and space science. You must have a solid understanding of how to analyze complex problems and how to apply the scientific method. Note that there may be a brief experimental section after this part.

In the Math section, you must answer 60 questions in 60 minutes. This means that you should have a sharp ability to solve mathematical problems efficiently and quickly. You will be tested on many of the mathematical topics that you have learned about in high school, including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. For instance, you must be able to look at functions and interpret their meaning.

Once you get to the Reading section, you will be given a series of passage-based questions. You will be allotted 35 minutes to answer these 40 questions. In this section, you must be able to effectively read over a passage and interpret the ideas the author is conveying. In a nutshell, this section tests how well you can critically reflect on a passage and draw logical conclusions from it.

When you get to the English section, you will have to answer 75 questions in 45 minutes. This is somewhat different from the Reading section. Rather than answering broad questions related to the main ideas of a passage, you will instead need to answer questions about grammar, sentence structure, and overall style. In this section, you must exercise keen editing skills.

Lastly, you may choose to take the Writing portion of the exam. If this is the case, you should expect to spend 40 minutes answering one essay question. Here, you'll apply the skills that you've learned in your English classes to draft a document that demonstrates your ability to analyze different perspectives. This section will test your ability to develop a coherent argument that is organized, insightful, and which displays strong and effective writing skills.

How can a Memphis ACT course help me prepare?

Varsity Tutors can get students enrolled in an online course that can strengthen their familiarity with the ACT and hopefully increase their confidence level when they walk into the ACT exam room. When you take an ACT prep course, you'll join an immersive online environment similar to what you get in a traditional classroom. You may talk with the instructor and other students in this collaborative environment. If you have issues that are nagging at you, this is the time to bring them to the forefront. Let's say you have questions about how to organize your essay for the Writing section of the test. In the course, you can bring up those issues and discuss them with your instructor and your classmates. Perhaps you're having trouble with a particular type of math problem. Your instructor can help you develop more effective techniques for tackling those problems.

These courses are designed with maximum convenience in mind. At this point in your life, it's highly likely that you already have a busy schedule. This is why we offer multiple sections, with new sections that start on a weekly basis. Don't forget about the convenience of virtual courses either. When you enroll in these online courses, you can attend the course from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, if you feel like you need some individualized help, you can schedule one-on-one time with the instructor to go over the areas that are giving you trouble.

How can I enroll in a Memphis ACT class?

You've worked hard throughout your educational career. You deserve the opportunity to take your education to the next level. When you enroll in ACT prep, you'll be making an investment in your future that may pay off for years to come. Not only will you be influencing your future career, but you will also be building up skills that will enable you to be an effective citizen.

Varsity Tutors can help you in your educational goals by getting you enrolled in a Memphis ACT class. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in classes or if you have any questions at all about the services that we offer.

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