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Varsity Tutors is proud to offer numerous resources to help students prepare for the ACT exam, including an Oklahoma City ACT course. This instructor-led online course provides a collaborative environment for students to review their subjects and receive invaluable test prep help. If you attend an area school like Memorial High School or Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School, the study time and effort you put in now can make a difference in your future.

The ACT is one assessment used by college admissions departments to measure your proficiency in many areas. It can show whether you can read, write, and reason at a college level. But you must not only excel in your core subjects to perform your best. The length of the exam puts your endurance to the test while learning the format and useful test-taking skills can prepare you for what's to come. An Oklahoma City ACT prep course can focus on all these. To elaborate on why such a course is necessary, here is an overview of the exam as it is typically structured.

What Types of Material Are Covered in an Oklahoma City ACT Class?

Varsity Tutors has developed a preparatory program that helps you understand the ACT before you take it. It's designed for all high school students who are facing this test, which is oftentimes viewed as a hurdle on the path to graduation and college. The ACT includes Math, Reading, English, and Science sections; the required part of the test is 2 hours and 55 minutes, without breaks. With the optional Writing section, that total increases to 3 hours and 35 minutes.

The Math section is 60 minutes long. Presented in multiple-choice answer format, it includes 60 questions covering the mathematical concepts you've learned up to the start of 12th grade. It is essentially an algebra, geometry, and trigonometry test all rolled into one. You'll be required to apply your knowledge and skills in number systems, problem-solving, graphing, functions, interpreting equations, and more.

English language arts are represented by two sections. First, the Reading section is a 35-minute, 40-question part of the ACT that is passage-based. It is designed to measure your reading comprehension on a college level. Questions will prompt you to identify key ideas and themes, define words and phrases, connect themes between one text and another, and identify facts and opinions. The English section is 75 questions, which you have 45 minutes to complete, meaning you have just over half-a-minute to answer each question. The questions mainly deal with sentence structure, punctuation, word usage, and grammar, but various other English conventions and concepts are tested on.

Earth/space sciences, biology, physics, and chemistry questions make up the Science section, which has 40 questions and is just 35 minutes. Problem-solving skills are important here as well. While answering questions, you must interpret, evaluate, and analyze information as well as work with scientific data and apply the scientific method. You'll also be required to have an understanding of how scientific investigations and experiments are conducted.

The Writing section asks one question, and you have 40 minutes to analyze a prompt, organize your ideas, and draft a high-quality essay. It requires you to understand the issue presented, along with three different perspectives of it. You then must come up with your own perspective and analyze the connections between your point of view and that of others.

How Can an Oklahoma City ACT Course Help Me Prepare for the Exam?

There is a lot that an ACT course can do for you. At Varsity Tutors, we've carefully selected professional instructors who can guide students preparing for the test, and who are proficient communicators. Each course is held online, via a live learning platform, so students have an opportunity to collaborate. Working in groups can improve the learning process and be highly motivating while helping to build confidence in your abilities. During each session, you can interact with your instructor as well as your peers who are in the same situation as yourself.

When it comes to your core academic subjects, there's nothing an Oklahoma City ACT class can't cover. Your instructor will go over all the necessary topics. They can also add an overview of test-taking skills to your review. Aside from learning the basic rules of the exam, such as using #2 pencils and what calculators you can use during the Math section, instructors can discuss strategies such as eliminating wrong answers, ways to read complex passages, and how to organize an essay quickly.

The flexibility of an Oklahoma City ACT course is one of its greatest assets. If you have opportunities and concerns that go beyond what your peers are experiencing, your instructor can agree to one-on-one session to provide you with extra help. This can be scheduled at a convenient time for you, while the two- and four-week courses begin on a weekly basis so you can choose one that best suits you while signing up.

How Do I Find an Oklahoma City ACT Course?

High school is hard work and there is much more to come. You've invested much time in your education so far, and there's no reason to study alone without the proper guidance. An ACT instructor can show you the way and help you identify areas that you need improvement on, but well before taking the test. If it feels like you don't know where to turn, finding an ACT course is not a problem. Varsity Tutors helps Oklahoma City students find courses at the best time and that cover the exam and the foundational skills you need to pursue your goals.

Just as you don't have to resort to studying alone, nor do you have to guess where to find expert-led help. Contact Varsity Tutors today and an educational consultant will assist you in signing up for an Oklahoma City ACT class, whether you prefer to participate during lunchtime, after school, or on the weekend. Whatever your scheduling needs and test-score goals, we can help you reach for them.

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