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If you're looking for assistance with maximizing your chances for success on your Series 7 exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find a Los Angeles Series 7 exam course that can help you prepare yourself for the test. The Series 7 will cover a wide range of topics related to investments beyond what you covered in the Securities Industry Essentials Exam, and whether you attended Loyola Marymount, Cal State Northridge, UCLA or another top institution, the exam will challenge you to show just what you know about risks and investments.

Given that only 65 percent of test-takers pass the Series 7 exam on their first attempt, it's important to make sure you're as ready as possible when you take the test, and Varsity Tutors can enroll you in a Series 7 exam class that can go over plenty of helpful information that can give you that extra edge you need to perform your best on the exam. No matter what your routine is when preparing for a major test or assignment, you'll receive a much more in-depth preparation by joining a class than you will trying to study on your own.

What concepts can I expect a Los Angeles Series 7 exam prep course to cover?

When you take the Series 7 exam, you'll be expected to show a wide range of knowledge related to the stock market and other financial aspects. Knowing the market is important to help others manage their money correctly, and you'll have to understand the rights of common stockholders, investment recommendations, retirement plans, and mutual funds. When you take your test, you're going to face 125 multiple-choice questions, with the bulk of the questions focused on maintaining appropriate records for clients and giving them good information about investments.

During your Los Angeles Series 7 exam course, you can also expect to spend time on test-taking strategies. You'll need a score of at least 72 percent in order to pass your exam, and you'll have 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the assessment, giving you a little more than 90 seconds per question to figure out what's being asked and come up with the best response. Your instructor can teach you ways to eliminate one or more incorrect answers quickly, allowing you to make an educated guess if you find yourself faced with a question where you don't know the answer. It's OK to make a good guess when you aren't sure, especially if you can whittle it down to two possibilities.

How can a Los Angeles Series 7 exam class help me?

When you sign up for a class, you'll be matched up with other students who are preparing for their Series 7 exam, giving you the chance to collaborate. You'll be taking your class in a completely online setting, allowing you to select the time that works best for your schedule and attend your class in whatever space is most comfortable for you.

Just like in a physical classroom, you'll be able to interact with your instructor and your classmates and ask questions if there's something that you don't understand. Unlike in a classroom setting, your instructor doesn't have to worry about meeting a university standard or getting everyone through the material at one pace. Your instructor's primary concern is offering help to you as best as he or she can, and he or she will be happy to take extra time to help you understand a concept should you need it. If you find yourself needing one-on-one instruction with your class instructor, it's easy to make it happen. All you have to do is ask your instructor and you'll be able to find a time that works for both of you.

How can I get started with a Los Angeles Series 7 exam course?

If you're ready to get started toward maximizing your chances for success on the Series 7 exam, Varsity Tutors is ready to help. All you have to do is contact our team and we can find you a course that works with your schedule and allows you to carve out time to study for this important exam. Our educational consultants can answer any questions you have about a Los Angeles Series 7 exam class and help you make sure that it's the right decision for your needs. If you're interested in getting some extra help and pushing yourself toward the score you're capable of achieving, give us a call to get signed up! We look forward to helping you reach for your goals.

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