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If you're concerned about your readiness for the upcoming Series 7 exam, Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Memphis Series 7 exam course that can improve your understanding of the test's content. Those who are interested in receiving their trading license in order to become a U.S. stockbroker will be administered the Series 7 exam to assess their skills in this field. If you've covered some of the topics during your studies at nearby institutions such as the University of Memphis, the extra review can help to refresh your memory of these important concepts. Your Memphis Series 7 exam course will be taught by an instructor who knows the ins and outs of the test and has expertise in the field of stock trading.

What material will be covered during a Memphis Series 7 exam prep course?

During the Series 7 exam, you will be asked 125 multiple choice questions over the allotted time period of 225 minutes. The passing score for this exam is 72 percent. The test is designed to evaluate your skills as a stockbroker, including your ability to maintain appropriate records for your clients as well as your ability to provide customers with critical information regarding their investments. Some of the topics covered on the exam include trade executions, customer disclosures, and retirement plans. These are just a few of the many concepts you will need to understand to earn your trading license. During your class sessions, your instructor might prompt class discussions of the various concepts as a teaching strategy to help you prepare for the exam.

A Memphis Series 7 exam class can help you in ways other than simply reviewing the content that is likely to show up on the exam. The class can also expose you to strategies you can use to reduce mistakes that can cost you points on the exam. Your Memphis Series 7 exam class can also introduce you to methods for answering multiple choice questions more efficiently to make sure that the time limit doesn't have a negative impact on your overall score. Your mentor might utilize sample test questions to help familiarize you with the multiple choice test strategies.

What are some of the benefits of a Memphis Series 7 exam course?

Enrolling in a Series 7 exam course means that you will be the recipient of several advantages that could improve your understanding of the concepts on the test. Many of the benefits of studying in a classroom environment are nearly impossible to obtain when trying to study for the test alone. The instructor can tell you everything they know about the Series 7 exam and can engage students in interactive activities to improve your knowledge of concepts ranging from the rights of common stockholders to investment recommendations. Viewing these subjects from a variety of angles can help you to retain the information you need to be successful on the exam.

The collaborative study your class will engage in can prove beneficial as well. Learning alongside students who have similar aspirations can be extremely motivational. Not only can you learn from your instructor, but you can also have the chance to mentor other students. At the start of each Memphis Series 7 exam class, you will log in to the Live Learning Platform. The platform provides useful learning features such as live video chat as well as an online whiteboard. You also don't have to commute to your class, giving you the freedom to learn from the location that you find most convenient. Perhaps you are having difficulty understanding a certain topic that is going to be on the exam, such as packages securities or debt instruments. If that's the case, you have the opportunity to ask your instructor for one-on-one time to discuss your concerns and review the subject.

How can I enroll in a Memphis Series 7 exam class?

Varsity Tutors is proud to provide scheduling options that make Series 7 exam review more accessible. The flexible schedule is designed to help those with busy calendars find the time they need to get the proper assistance in preparation for this important exam. You can choose the time of day and the day of the week on which you would like to learn. If you're interested in taking advantage of the services we provide and would like to learn more about how we can help, contact us today. Varsity Tutors will be pleased to find you a Memphis Series 7 exam course aimed at helping you succeed on this pivotal test.

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