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If you're planning your future beyond the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor with a career as a stockbroker, Varsity Tutors can help you prepare for licensure with an Ann Arbor Series 7 exam course. Prep courses are led by qualified instructors who have been vetted based on their knowledge and communication skills. The Series 7 exam assesses your understanding of investment risk, debt instruments, equity, retirement plans, regulation, trade executions, taxation, and various types of financial securities. An online course provides the convenience of collaborating with your instructor and peers remotely while obtaining a comprehensive review of the topics you have learned during your education.

What Topics Can an Ann Arbor Series 7 Exam Class Cover?

The Series 7, which requires you pass the Securities Industry Essentials exam and be sponsored by FINRA member firm before you can take it, contains 125 multiple-choice questions. The 225-minute test assesses your understanding of how to seek business for the broker-dealer, open customer accounts, and evaluate customer financial profiles and investment objectives. Covering 73% of your score, many questions assess your competency to provide accurate information to customers about investments, while making suitable recommendations, maintaining records, and transferring assets. Your instructor can discuss how to apply these skills in serving customers. Reviewing the rights of common stockbrokers, margin issues, and arbitrage can also help you prepare for the exam and feel more confident as you prepare.

Your instructor can also explain the format of the test. While you might be familiar with securities and investments, applying your knowledge during the exam can still be challenging. Ann Arbor Series 7 exam class lessons can focus on interpreting the context of questions and eliminating answers that don't fit. Practice questions and tests can provide you with an opportunity to improve your efficiency so you can better reach for your potential. You can also learn more efficient ways to study so you spend time improving your understanding of tougher topics without devoting too much effort in reviewing content you already know.

How Can an Ann Arbor Series 7 Course Help Me Prepare for the Test?

The Ann Arbor Series 7 exam course provides a level of guidance you won't get by studying alone. Self-study can lead to missed opportunities and chances to practice effective study and test-taking skills. Engaging reviews include lively discussions led by an experienced instructor. All the while, you can collaborate with your peers in a virtual online environment. You can work together on projects and assist one another in overcoming specific challenges or perhaps role play to better understand how stockbrokers and customers interact.

When you enroll in an Ann Arbor Series 7 exam class, you can study over the Internet but see, hear, and talk to your instructor and every participant in real-time. Our Live Learning Platform includes video chat and an online whiteboard so you can fully interact with everyone. This collaborative study model can further develop your foundation in securities topics. You can ask your instructor questions at any time and receive answers on the fly, while your peers can pitch in as well. When you need extra help, just ask your instructor to arrange a one-on-one session and they'll be glad to assist in any way possible.

Online Series 7 courses are extremely flexible. A wide range of topics can be covered to ensure you can focus on preparing for the exam. Sessions are not like cramming for a test; a course syllabus is extended over a two- or four-week period, so you get a thorough overview of topics and concepts. And if you know some of them well, you can even help in answering some of your peers' questions along the way.

How Do I Sign Up for an Ann Arbor Series 7 Prep Course?

Just contact us to get into a section that matches your availability best. One of the greatest advantages is that courses are offered at different times of the day. You can select one during lunchtime or during the morning or afternoon. If your weekly schedule is full, weekend courses are available so you can fit in a session. You might have a full schedule of classes, a job, and family commitments. Nonetheless, the available course options enable you to avoid missing out on important preparation that can help reach for your Series 7 goals. Professional exam prep is just a few steps away. To learn more or receive expert help finding and signing up for the test prep option that works best for you, call Varsity Tutors today. An educational consultant will walk you through the process and you get you enrolled in your Ann Arbor Series 7 exam course.

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