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No matter where you are in your studies, Varsity Tutors can connect you with a private Las Vegas USMLE tutor or online class that can help you move forward on your path to licensure. The United States Medical Licensing Exam, more commonly known as the USMLE, is a major hurdle that you must clear on your path toward becoming a licensed medical professional in the U.S. Whether you are a student attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine or a different local institution, you have already put much time and energy into your studies. Enlisting the assistance of Las Vegas USMLE prep may be an ideal option for you if you are seeking additional guidance as you prepare.

What concepts will be covered during Las Vegas USMLE prep?

The USMLE is comprised of three exams, also known as "Steps," and we can connect you with the help you need no matter which Step you are planning to take. Each Step is designed to test the various levels of skill necessary to work within the medical field. Step 1 will cover the basic scientific concepts involved in practicing medicine effectively. Step 2 has two different sections and encompasses clinical knowledge and skills. Step 3 is taken over the course of two days and is designed to assess the test taker's medical knowledge and understanding that is required to practice medicine in an unsupervised manner.

Step 1 is frequently the first section that students choose to take. In this exam, you will complete 280 multiple choice questions throughout a single day divided into seven 60-minute blocks. During the first part of Step 2, the Clinical Knowledge portion, you will be expected to complete 316 multiple choice questions over eight 60-minute blocks in one day. Throughout the second part of Step 2, the Clinical Skills portion, you will have one day to complete 12 patient cases, taking 15 minutes for each patient plus another 10 minutes to record patient notes. Finally, Step 3 is taken over two days and involves 233 multiple choice questions on the first day followed by 180 multiple choice questions on the second day.

What are the perks of the different kinds of Las Vegas USMLE preparation?

Varsity Tutors offers two different types of prep to choose from: online classes or private instruction. A lot of students find that one method works best for their specific style of learning; however, some students decide to pursue both types. Each of the two options offers its own specific benefits, but no matter which one you decide to go with, you will receive accurate information from an expert that you can trust. Here, we'll discuss the advantages of each kind of prep.

If you are someone who prefers to work in a collaborative environment, a Las Vegas USMLE prep class could be the most effective option for you. During online classes, you will attend sessions in a virtual classroom that allows you to avoid the hassle of commuting and work from the comfort of your own home or preferred study space. You will be able to interact with your instructor as if they are in the room with you through the video chat and online whiteboard functions. Working collaboratively with other aspiring medical professionals will offer an engaging way to reinforce and review material. You can even set up one-on-one time with the instructor if you so choose.

If you prefer this type of one-on-one learning experience, you may benefit most from working with a private tutor. Your instructor will be able to move at the right pace for you, skipping past concepts you've already mastered to spend more time on the concepts you may not quite understand, like the respiratory system or behavioral health. This preparation method will also help you discover the ways in which you learn best, building study strategies that you can take with you as you continue to further your education.

How can I get set up with Las Vegas USMLE prep?

Whether you decide to pursue a Las Vegas USMLE prep course or private instruction, your preparation will be led by someone who is both qualified and excited to teach the material featured on the exam. With flexible scheduling and online access, USMLE prep assistance can be convenient and effective for people with even the busiest of schedules. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get set up with the Las Vegas USMLE prep that can help you feel more confident when you take the exam.

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