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If you are preparing to start your college journey by taking the SAT, Varsity Tutors could help you with your study efforts if you sign up for a Jacksonville SAT course. Even though college may seem far away, high school students start taking admissions exams during their junior year. Many high school students, like those who attend The Bolles School or Stanton College Preparatory, take the SAT for their college admissions exam. Your score on the SAT will most likely play a role in where you get accepted and where you attend college. With a good SAT score, you can have more options for higher education.

The SAT is an exam that has four sections. Whether this is your first time thinking about college or you have been studying for a while, you may need some assistance in making the most of your studying. That's where a Jacksonville SAT course comes in. A course could greatly impact your study skills, no matter where you are with your SAT studies.

What does a Jacksonville SAT course cover?

The SAT has three required sections. These sections are Math, Reading, and Writing and Language. There is also an optional Essay section. You will have three hours to complete the exam, with 50 minutes added on if you decide to write the essay. An SAT course would cover all of these sections. Let's now take a closer look at these sections so you can get familiar with the content.

The first section is Math. You will have to answer 58 questions in 80 minutes. This section of the exam is scored from 200 to 800. The Math section is a two-part section. In one part of the section, you will get to use a calculator. In the other half, you will not be able to use a calculator. You will have to solve problems involving linear equations, use math skills to understand presented data and solve problems, and understand the structure of expressions while having the ability to analyze, manipulate, and rewrite these expressions. Some skills that will be assessed are fluency, conceptual understanding, and applying skills to a real-world situation.

The next section is Reading. You will answer 52 questions in 65 minutes. Your score for this section is combined with the Writing and Language section for a score of 200 to 800, which is known as the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. One passage comes from classic United States or world literature. Another pair of passages is from the United States founding documents or documents inspired by them. You will also read a section relating to sociology, psychology, economics, or other related areas. Finally, you will have one or more science passages on physics, chemistry, biology, or Earth science. You will demonstrate your skills in commanding evidence, utilizing context, and analyzing history and science in this section.

The last required section is Writing and Language. You will answer 45 questions in 35 minutes for this section. Like stated before, the Writing and Language section gets a combined score of 200 to 800 with the Reading section. All the questions are taken from passages provided. Some passages have charts and tables, but no math is required. All questions are multiple choice. The skills assessed are your ability to command evidence, use context, analyze History and science, express your own thoughts and ideas, and understand English conventions.

The optional section is the essay. The essay consists of one writing prompt that you will receive 50 minutes to complete. This section is scored from 6 to 24. For your essay, you will read a passage and consider the author's evidence, reasoning, and stylistic and persuasive elements. You will then write an essay evaluating these elements. Your reading, writing, and analysis skills are accessed in the Essay section.

The SAT is a very popular college admissions exam that can show colleges you are ready for higher education. There are several test dates per year. The doors open at 7:45 AM, and testing starts around 8:30 AM. Make sure to remember to bring your ID with you. During the exam, you will get two breaks, but make sure you do not power up your cell phone. If you write the essay, your exam will be done around 1 PM. If you do not write the essay, you will be done around noon.

What are the benefits of taking a Jacksonville SAT class?

A Jacksonville SAT class is held online in an environment that allows you to reap the benefits of studying hard. We know your schedule can get very busy with commitments. That is why we have new sessions starting every week. Once you pick your course length, either two weeks or four weeks, you can start taking your SAT class. All classes are held in a virtual classroom, which makes taking a class convenient.

In your SAT class, you will be working live with an instructor and classmates in a virtual classroom, and overall it feels just like any other classroom. In the live classroom, you will have the chance to study in groups, participate in class discussions, share ideas with your instructor and classmates, ask questions, and more. Working as a group in a collaborative environment can also be a good way to learn and understand concepts on the exam. If you are really struggling on an idea and cannot seem to get the hang of it, you can set aside time to work with your instructor on a one-on-one basis. An SAT class is completely geared toward helping you learn all you need to know for exam day so you can try to perform at your best.

How can I find a Jacksonville SAT prep course?

The best way to find a course is by getting in contact with one of the educational consultants at Varsity Tutors. We can find a class that best fits your busy schedule. You can contact us by phone or online. We look forward to hearing from you!

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