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If you're ready to enroll in a premium Houston USMLE prep course, Varsity Tutors can help. The United States Medical Licensing Exam (or USMLE) is a series of three high-stakes tests that most medical licensing authorities in the United States use to determine if a candidate meets the requirements to become a licensed medical professional. These tests are comprehensive, meaning that you will be tested on everything you have studied at a local med school such as Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, or another institution. If the idea of studying on your own feels impossible, reach out to us today to learn how we can make it a little bit easier.

What topics can I study in a Houston USMLE course?

The USMLE is divided into three separate exams called "Steps" that each present a unique challenge to test-takers. Step 1 is generally taken at the conclusion of a student's second year of medical school and assesses a test-taker's knowledge of basic scientific concepts such as the cardiovascular system and pregnancy. It consists of approximately 240 multiple-choice questions administered over seven separately timed 60-minute blocks, measuring a test-taker's mental stamina just as much as their scientific knowledge. If you're unaccustomed to maintaining your concentration for so long, your expert instructor can coach you on how to stay focused for the duration of the exam.

Step 2 is divided into two distinct parts taken on different days: Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills. The Clinical Knowledge test contains roughly 316 multiple-choice items over eight 60-minute blocks, mirroring the format of Step 1. The Clinical Skills exam consists of 12 patient cases where test-takers interact with patients and compose "patient notes" recommending next steps for their care. You only have 10 minutes to compose each note, so your instructor may demonstrate outlining techniques to help you express your thoughts in a timely fashion.

Step 3 is a massive test that's administered over two days. Day 1 is comprised of approximately 233 multiple-choice items about medical fields such as family medicine and pediatrics. Day 2 has roughly 180 multiple-choice questions and 13 computer-based simulations to evaluate how you would do with an actual patient. Each simulation is capable of changing in real-time according to your actions, putting pressure on you that you probably aren't accustomed to. If you find yourself feeling apprehensive, your instructor can demonstrate mindfulness techniques such as meditation to help you calm down and concentrate on the task at hand.

What are the benefits of taking a Houston USMLE course provided by Varsity Tutors?

Every Houston USMLE class we provide consists of a group of students meeting with a knowledgeable instructor on our proprietary Live Learning Platform. Each instructor undergoes a thorough vetting procedure, so you can count on studying under a great communicator with a comprehensive knowledge of USMLE concepts. Our platform allows your teacher to see and hear you as if you were in the same room, so asking for assistance is as simple as raising your hand.

You can also communicate with your classmates in real time, creating a collaborative learning environment conducive to developing a better understanding of challenging concepts. If you understand the reproductive system better than one of your classmates, you can explain it to them while your teacher is working with another student. Likewise, one of your peers can help you better understand a concept such as population health. You might even complete group assignments to learn how to approach your studies in a new way. For example, acting out patient interactions like those on the Clinical Skills portion of Step 2 may increase your self-confidence heading into the test.

Working in a group also delivers superior value for your money, as you can split the cost of expert instruction with all of your classmates. If you ever feel as though you might need personalized attention to master an especially challenging concept, you can also request one-on-one time with your teacher to get the extra help you need.

We also work hard to make attending a Houston USMLE class as convenient as it can be. New sessions start on a monthly basis, so you never need to wait too long to get started. We also offer multiple classes concurrently, allowing you to take one that meets your scheduling needs. The fact that you're working online also means that there is no commute to worry about.

Can I enroll in a Houston USMLE course right now?

Sure. Just use the contact info provided on this page to connect with an educational consultant who can help you sign up for a Houston USMLE class. Varsity Tutors has helped countless students pursue their educational goals in the past, and we look forward to helping you as well!

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