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If you are considering having your student undergo testing to participate in a gifted education program, a TAG course from Varsity Tutors can work with your student to maximize their study time. A TAG course can offer your student resources and instruction to help them prepare effectively. A TAG class works according to your student's needs and abilities.

There are a variety of assessments that assess a student's fitness to participate in gifted education programs. The National Association for Gifted Children advises that several objective and subjective assessments be made. A TAG class can help your student prepare for exams such as those listed below:

Exams to Identify TAG Students

  • NNAT
  • CogAT
  • Henmon-Nelson
  • Raven's Progressive Matrices
  • Matrix Analogies Test

A TAG class can work with your student on the sorts of skills and competencies that gifted education exams assess. Below is a list of competencies that your student and the instructor for TAG courses can study together:

Recommended Skills for Gifted and Talented Tests

  • Expansive vocabulary for the age group
  • Strong reading skills
  • Advanced math skills
  • Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

TAG classes take place online via our Live Learning Platform. This feature makes your student's TAG prep course easier to attend and more convenient for you. As you seek to give your student effective resources, they can attend their TAG prep class from anywhere with an internet connection. By meeting online, your student can still receive live instruction and interaction in TAG prep courses.

TAG prep classes are centered around one-on-one learning. The instructor for your student's TAG course can tailor the instructional time to your student's particular needs and abilities. Because there is not assigned syllabus for TAG prep classes, the instructor can work with your student on the areas of study that are most relevant to your student's goals and skills. Additionally, the instructor for your student's TAG prep course can pay special attention to your student's learning style. Every student learns in different ways, and through their time together your student's instructor can provide your student with resources that will help your student process the information effectively. For example, if your student needs to improve their reading skills, the instructor for their TAG class can help them learn reading strategies in ways that are suited to their learning style. Additionally, throughout their TAG course sessions, your student can receive live feedback. This feedback can help your student develop effective habits and increase their confidence.

As your student prepares through a TAG prep class, they can also develop their study skills. Being able to make a study plan and execute that plan can help your student maximize their time during their TAG course. In addition to the benefits that good study skills can have on TAG exams, the study habits your student learns in TAG prep courses can positively affect their whole academic career. As there will be many more exams and opportunities for intensive studying in your student's academic future, the ability to make a study plan can help them to pursue future academic goals as well.

As your student prepares for TAG exams, Varsity Tutors offer TAG prep classes to work alongside them. The one-on-one instruction your student receives can help them prepare effectively for TAG exams and future exams as well. If you want your child to experience the flexibility, private tutoring, and content in a TAG course, contact an Educational Consultant over the phone or online today.

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