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Varsity Tutors can get you enrolled in a comprehensive Oklahoma Bar course to help you prepare for your upcoming exam. Every state is different when it comes to obtaining legal licensure. Oklahoma requires that you take and pass the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) and the Multistate Professional Reliability Exam (MPRE) in order to be licensed. The purpose of the MBE is to assess the extent to which you can apply fundamental legal principles. The MPRE, meanwhile, is based on the law governing the conduct of judges and lawyers, including disciplinary laws of professional conduct.

Like many states, Oklahoma also requires that pass a state exam. Oklahoma's state exam is administered by The Oklahoma Board of Bar Examiners (OKBBE). It is made up of sixteen essay questions, while the MBE and MPRE are both multiple-choice exams. If prepping for such a range of exam formats isn't one of your strengths, consider enrolling in our Oklahoma Bar prep course, to help give you the confidence you want going into your tests.

How Can an Oklahoma Bar Course Help Me Prepare for the Oklahoma State Bar Requirements?

The OKBBE's Bar exam is administered twice a year and takes place over two days, with the state exam administered on the first day and the MBE given on the second day. You must also take and pass the MPRE within one year of taking the state and MBE exams. The state portion is an essay exam with questions on a range of topics including Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct, Commercial Law, Procedural Law, Criminal Law, Business Associations, Constitutional and Administrative Law, Torts, Intestate Succession, Conflicts of Law, and Family Law. This is a lot of ground to cover, and no doubt some of it you have a strong grasp on. If there are any topics that you feel less comfortable with, however, your instructor can help you prepare for those.

Once you are ready to move on and begin an Oklahoma Bar class, your instructor can administer practice exams to help you grow comfortable with the exams' electronic interface. They can also assist you in strategize ways to organize information going into the exam so that you are not at a loss when you need to recall vital information.

Because it is an essay exam, the Oklahoma state bar exam is a test not only of your knowledge of legal topics but of your ability to craft an argument. No doubt law school gave you plenty of experience with making arguments in writing, but in a timed environment when you have to move quickly from one topic to another, things can be a little different. One common strategy for approaching essay questions is to draft an outline before you begin writing so that you have a clear sense of the controlling purpose of your argument, and know even before you start what you plan to use for supporting evidence. Your instructor can help you develop good outlining habits so that when you begin writing you are focused on addressing only what the question is asking. Having an outline can help ensure not only that you are answering the question correctly, but also that you are working efficiently. Time management will be essential, and your instructor can help you to use the time you have wisely by ensuring you understand all of the directions of the test before you go in, which can save you valuable minutes and second—and let's face it: on the bar exam every second counts.

How Can an Oklahoma Bar Class Instructor Help Me Study for the MBE?

The MBE is a six-hour exam consisting of 200 multiple-choice questions, which are divided evenly over two testing sessions. Among the topics covered on the test are Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, and Constitutional Law, to name just a few. Working with an instructor who has expertise in these fields means that if you have uncertainties about any of the topics covered on the test you can have them cleared up before a minor misunderstanding grows to become a bigger issue.

Sometimes success on a test isn't completely a matter of knowing the material or not, but it also has to do with your ability to navigate the exam itself. Your instructor can assist you with test-taking strategies so that you are prepared for those tricky questions you may encounter on test day. On the MBE, each item has four answer choices. Simply guessing gives you a 25% chance of getting the answer right. You can improve your chances if you are able to eliminate one or more of the answer choices. The MBE is a computer-based test, and it is designed so that you will not be able to navigate back to previous items if you decide you want to change one of your answers. You want to make sure you are confident in your answer choice before moving on to the next question. At the same time, you do not want to spend the entirety of the test agonizing over a couple of questions. Your instructor can help you to ensure you are spending just the right amount of time on each question.

Answering 200 multiple-choice questions in a single day can be mentally draining, so the MBE isn't just a test of your legal knowledge, but of your stamina as well. Your instructor can help you to develop strategies for staying focused and maintaining your concentration over the course of the six-hour exam. These can be as simple as eating a balanced meal beforehand, and taking breaks when you need to, or they can include studying mindfulness strategies like meditation so that you can stay tuned in to the questions that are before you.

Are There Benefits Associated with Collaborative Learning Environment an Oklahoma Bar Course Can Offer?

Often people will hesitate at first about taking an Oklahoma Bar prep course because they may not like the idea of sharing their instructor with other students. But taking classes with other like-minded students can actually be beneficial. If you are having trouble remembering the ins and outs of tort law, for example, or real property, one of your classmates might have a helpful mnemonic device to aid you in remembering. Similarly, you might find that a tricky concept that you've wrestled with for some time just kind of clicks after hearing a classmate's explanation. And you might find that aiding your classmates in turn when they need it can help to cement your own knowledge base. If you still have trouble with something, even after you've covered it in class, don't worry, you can always request a one-on-one meeting with your instructor for dedicated support.

Your instructor can divide your class into small groups in order to better simulate what it is like to work in a real-world law office. This setting can give you deeper access to a wealth of experiences and perspectives from your classmates, helping you to broaden your understanding of legal concepts.

Are You Sure an Oklahoma Bar Course Can Fit into My Busy Schedule?

With all the other responsibilities you have, like family and work, finding time to study for your bar exam can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to finish up your law degree. That's why we offer both two-week and four-week courses concurrently to make it easier to find something that fits your schedule. If your goal is to finish your test prep as soon as possible, taking the two-week course will probably be your best option. If you would rather have your sessions a little more spread out to make it easier to manage all your other responsibilities, then the four-week course may be what you're looking for. Either way, the contact hours are the same, and you get the same quality instruction, so you just need to pick the option that seems to be the best fit for you.

To attend an Oklahoma Bar class through other companies, you are expected to go out of your way and work around their schedule. Our classes take place in an online virtual classroom that allows you to attend sessions from anywhere with a stable internet connection for maximal flexibility. If studying from home is your preference, you can do that. If you need a more distraction-free environment, you can attend from a library. If you need a little caffeine to keep you going, that's fine too, because you can attend from your neighborhood coffee shop. Exciting features like a virtual whiteboard and video chat mean that your study experience is comparable to an in-person class. Why work around someone else's schedule when you don't have to?

New courses begin every month, so you are never too far away from getting started. And if you feel like you need extra help, you can arrange extra sessions with your instructor.

How Do I Sign Up for an Oklahoma Bar Course Near Me?

At Varsity Tutors we pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible to enroll in an Oklahoma Bar prep course. Just reach out to one of our helpful Educational Consultants online or by phone today to find out what we can do to help!

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