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If you've been looking for an expert-led FTCE class, Varsity Tutors can help you connect with a fantastic instructor who can support you as you prepare for the certification exam. The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations or FTCE are taken by Florida-based teachers to assess their abilities. This exam is administered over a computer at one of 38 testing centers in the state. The exam covers a broad range of teaching concepts that you will need to understand. Through the custom-tailored guidance of an FTCE prep course, you can enter the testing center feeling prepared and confident in your skills. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the benefits offered by FTCE classes.

Throughout your FTCE course, you can spend time getting to know the format of the exam. This can ensure that there aren't any surprises about the time limit and other aspects of the test. Below is a general breakdown of the exam's design:

General Knowledge Exam Design:

Format Computer-based test (CBT)

Number of Questions

  • Essay Subtest: 1 essay
  • ELS Subtest: approximately 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Reading Subtest: approximately 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Mathematics Subtest: approximately 45 multiple-choice questions
  • Essay Subtest: 50 minutes
  • ELS Subtest: 40 minutes
  • Reading Subtest: 55 minutes
  • Mathematics Subtest: 1 hour and 40 minutes
If you take all 4 subtests in a single session, you will receive a 15-minute break.
Passing Score
  • Essay Subtest: At least 8 out of 12 points
  • ELS, Reading, and Mathematics Subtests: a scaled score of at least 200 per subtest
  • Examinees must pass all 4 subtests to pass the GK

Your private instructor can take the time to create a custom plan for your FTCE prep classes. The plan is based on your individual learning needs, testing goals, areas of opportunity, and existing knowledge. Your tutor can spend each FTCE course reviewing concepts that you need to study at a pace that works best for you. Each study session is centered around your individual needs as your teacher works to assess your efforts and adjust their teaching strategies.

You can spend time in FTCE class learning about each subtest on the FTCE. You can view the expectations of the Essay and English Language Skills subtests in the detailed list below:

Subtest 1- Essay:

  • Determine the purpose of writing to task and audience.
  • Provide a section that effectively introduces the topic.
  • Formulate a relevant thesis or claim.
  • Organize ideas and details effectively.
  • Provide adequate, relevant support by citing ample textual evidence; response may also include anecdotal experience for added support.
  • Use of a variety of transitional devices effectively throughout and within a written text.
  • Demonstrate proficient use of college-level, standard written English (e.g., varied word choice, syntax, language conventions, semantics).
  • Provide a concluding statement or section that follows from, or supports, the argument or information presented.
  • Use a variety of sentence patterns effectively.
  • Maintain a consistent point of view.
  • Apply the conventions of standard English (e.g., avoid inappropriate use of slang, jargon, clichés).

Subtest 2 - English Language Skills:

Competency Approximate Percentage of Subtest Questions
Knowledge of language structure 25%
Knowledge of vocabulary application 25%
Knowledge of standard English conventions 50%

Personalized FTCE courses can give you the opportunity to build the skills and knowledge above. Your instructor can work with you to build your essay writing and editing skills. Perhaps you need to work on managing your time in order to complete the essay subtest within the allotted time. Your tutor can introduce you to techniques that can allow you to quickly organize your thoughts before you dive into putting your thoughts into words. Perhaps you feel confident in your English skills but would rather spend FTCE prep class reviewing concepts in the Math subtest. Your instructor can readily change gears to focus on the information you'd like to learn.

One-on-one learning can incorporate unique materials and activities based on your personal interests. Your instructor can find a variety of ways to help you relate to the concepts as you study. They can patiently explain information until you feel confident in your understanding of the content. They may offer practice tests to cut down on the number of surprises that may appear on the exam, as well as discuss stress management methods that can help you relax as you take the FTCE.

You don't have to struggle to fit your FTCE tutoring sessions into your schedule. You can arrange to meet your tutor online or in-person for optimal flexibility.

Varsity Tutors can help you choose from several FTCE prep courses that may be suited to your needs. Our Educational Directors are standing by to help you connect with an instructor who can work with your learning style as you pursue your testing goals.

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