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Varsity Tutors can get you started in Atlanta Chinese lessons whether you are a student or an adult learner interested in Chinese language. If you are a new student at North Atlanta High School, an undergraduate at the Emory University, an MBA Student at the Robinson College of Business, attending another area school, or even an adult learner seeking a language skill for a new challenge, we are ready to help you. Many people choose to learn a new language for varying reasons; for business, academic, leisure or other reasons. Many schools now require students to learn a foreign language as part of the educational requirements for graduation, and Chinese would always remain a good choice. Native English-speaking business executives who also speak Chinese can leverage this knowledge for better business opportunities with the huge population in the East. That said, learning a new language has its own challenges that go beyond what can be provided in a typical classroom environment. Taking advantage of additional resources outside the class environment that can offer you better opportunities to practice remains one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a new language.

The Chinese language is the most spoken language on the planet, with over 1 billion native speakers in countries such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It has several dialects that include Mandarin, Gan, Wu, Xiang, and Hakka. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken of all Chinese dialects and has since the 14th century been declared China's national language. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. The Chinese have a fascinating culture with rich music, art, and cuisine that dates back thousands of years. People with knowledge of the Chinese language can better understand Chinese culture. Tourists to China who speak Chinese can easily get help from locals.

Varsity Tutors offers two different types of lessons - courses and private language instruction crafted to give you a solid understanding of the Chinese language. This is regardless of what motivates you to want to study Chinese. If you need help because of your struggles with the basics of Chinese language or you want to get ahead of your class curriculum, we're ready to help you. You can get started with little delay in the lesson type that suits your learning needs. We can link you with an Atlanta Chinese tutor in less than 24 hours, and new sections of Chinese classes take off monthly. Students have the option of participating concurrently in private lessons and a collaborative course. There are unique benefits that each type of lesson presents to learners, and learners are assured of studying under the tutelage of experienced and patient Chinese instructors.

What are the sorts of skills I can learn during Atlanta Chinese lessons?

Chinese is a tonal language where the meaning of a word changes based on its tone. New learners of the Chinese language might find this challenging; however, your instructor can help you simplify this. Having the right foundation as a beginner can help you in your quest to master a language. You would likely get started in Chinese by learning what a tonal language is, the tones in Mandarin, and their applications. Unlike English, the Chinese language does not have articles, plurals, or verb inflections, and all the words have a single grammatical form.

Practice remains one of the best ways new learners of a language can get themselves grounded. Studying a new language in an environment where learners can practice reading, writing, and speaking in a group setting or one-on-one with a private instructor can help their confidence as a learner. You can expect your Atlanta Chinese tutor to take you through essential vocabulary, common phrases, Chinese history, customs, cultures, and traditions. If you choose a course, regular interaction with your other classmates can help sharpen your pronunciation skills. Depending on your level of proficiency, your Atlanta Chinese instructor might lead the lessons fully in Chinese. This approach can help you get a better grasp of the usage of pinyin, pronouns, and tones available in Chinese.

Students who prefer one-on-one instruction can take advantage of the personalized instruction method to improve their Chinese skills. This method allows the private instructor the freedom of modifying the lessons based on your needs and learning style.

How do the two types of Atlanta Chinese lessons work?

Chinese is considered one of the hardest languages to learn for native English speakers. Learning a language like this can become harder if you have to combine your study with other courses at school, or as an adult learner with work and family commitments. However, we can simplify this for you because we provide lessons that fit into many schedules. In an online Chinese class, you attend sessions with other students and your instructor in a live virtual classroom where you can see, hear, and interact with everyone. You learn collaboratively together with your classmates by sharing knowledge with one another. You also receive feedback from a learned Chinese speaker.

We can help you get an experienced, independent Atlanta Chinese tutor if you prefer dedicated support. This method allows your instructor to tailor the lessons to areas that can quickly get you immersed in Chinese. You have the option of either meeting your instructor either online or in person. However, online tutoring because of its many benefits seems preferable compared to a physical meeting. Apart from the freedom of working anywhere with your Chinese instructor, you also can take advantage of our Live Learning Platform with a video chat and virtual whiteboard. You also have the option of meeting with your instructor in person. Meetings can be arranged at the library, at a café, your home, or anywhere suitable to you.

How can I get started with Atlanta Chinese Lessons?

Every language obviously has its own challenges. Whether you are an adult learner, a freshman at the Lovett School, in your penultimate year at Georgia State University, or need to know Chinese for travel, becoming proficient in Chinese can be of benefit to you.

The Educational Consultants at Varsity Tutors will be eager to answer any of your questions and advise you further on the best path to follow based on your needs. Pick up your phone and make the call now to get started with Atlanta Chinese lessons.

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