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Varsity Tutors makes it easy to prioritize your preparation for the Louisiana Bar Exam. This three-day exam is given on non-consecutive days. The first day you will be evaluated on Civil Code I, II, and III. The second day measures your understanding of the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, Business Entities, and Torts. The third day evaluates your proficiency with constitutional law, federal jurisdiction and procedure, and procedure and evidence. Each day of testing will last about eight hours.

The Louisiana Bar Exam is especially rigorous and time-consuming. Whether you attended a university in Louisiana, or you hope to move your practice to the state, you will need to pass this exam. Doing so without professional academic support can be far more challenging than many applicants initially realize. You deserve professional resources and educational support as you work towards your testing goals.

How Can a Louisiana Bar Prep Course Help Me Prepare?

A Louisiana bar course can help you prepare for all nine essay exams. In order to pass the Louisiana Bar Exam, your total score must be a minimum of 650 out of 900 possible points. It's important to note that essays related to code are weighted twice that of non-code essays.

The code subjects are Civil Code I, Civil Code II, Civil Code III, Torts, and Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure. The non-code subjects include the following: Constitutional Law; Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure; Business Entities and Negotiable Instruments; and Criminal Law, Procedure and Evidence. Since the code subjects are weighted more heavily, you may want to spend additional time reviewing them. However, it would be a mistake to do so at the expense of studying the non-code subjects. By taking a bar class with a professional instructor, you will have the expert guidance you need as you prepare for the upcoming exam.

Some of the code topics your course can help you review include persons and family law, interstate distribution, obligations, sale and exchange, liability tort actions, and more. Some of the non-core topics you can review include limited liability partnerships, institutional power structures, individual liberties and rights, interstate commerce, due process, the Bill of Rights, evidence law, criminal actions, and more.

While it is important to review the content of the exams, it is equally important to have the capacity to engage with the exam format at a high level. One of the ways a prep course can help you prepare to take the Louisiana Bar Exam is by providing access to strategies and techniques that can make taking the exam less intimidating.

Time management is vital in approaching a full day of testing. Each segment has individual time restrictions with which your instructor can help you become more familiar. Additionally, the way in which you approach each of the nine essays can be slightly different. As you work through your course materials with your instructor and your classmates, you will also be working on the best strategies for navigating the individual essay exams.

Since the course is taught live, it's essential to engage in each session actively. If you aren't sure of something, speak up, and take advantage of the expertise of your teacher. The ability to ask specific questions and receive direct feedback from your instructor and classmates is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of taking a live prep course.

Can a Louisiana Bar Course Instructor Help Me Prepare for the MPRE?

Louisiana also requires applicants to pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam(MPRE) with a score of at least 80. Testers have two hours to complete sixty multiple-choice questions which will evaluate your understanding of the appropriate conduct and discipline of those in the legal profession. Topics can include the client-lawyer relationship, conflicts of interest, regulation of the legal profession, and the various roles of the lawyer. A bar course can give you the opportunity to work through a variety of situations and gain insight into the appropriate way to deal with them.

Will I Have Time for a Louisiana Bar Course?

The real question is, can you afford not to prioritize the time you have to prepare for the bar exam? Louisiana has one of the most complex bar exams in the country and offers almost no opportunities for reciprocity. If you want to practice law in the state, you must do well on their exam. Because of this, it's important to take your time when preparing for their unique exam. Doing that effectively on one's own can take far more time than working collaboratively with a group led by an experienced instructor.

That's why we make it easy to fit a Louisiana bar prep course into any schedule. One way we do this is by offering our live courses in a secure online learning environment. When it's time to begin a session, all you'll need is a reliable internet connection and your digital device. With these, you will be able to access virtual online classroom, where you will connect with your instructor and classmates. This platform gives you a front-row seat in the class where you can easily see and hear your teacher and any resources they share with the class as well as communicate with other students in the class. Your teacher can also facilitate course discussions all without you having to spend additional time traveling to and from a physical location.

The live component of our online bar class sets us apart from the competition. You can participate and ask questions in real-time rather than watching a video that could be out of date.

Another way we make prioritizing your studies accessible to busy testers is by offering two course options. Our two-week prep course is ideal for students who have a short window of time to devote to intensely studying for their upcoming exam. Our four-week course gives you more time to spread out your sessions. No matter which option you choose, you will receive the same professional instruction, collaborative environment, and number of hours.

Finally, we don't make you wait until just before the exam to review. New courses begin each month, so you can start when you have the time to devote to preparing.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Bar Class?

Individuals preparing for the bar exam often think they should be able to tackle it on their own. The truth is, that is one possibility. If you want to spend the time researching what will be on the exam, making sure you find reliable resources to help you as you prepare, and rely on friends and family to act as an anchor point, you can. On the other hand, don't you owe it to yourself to benefit from every possible advantage when it comes to this crucial period of preparation?

One of the benefits of a collaborative class is you not only have an instructor who is guiding you every step of the way, but you also have your classmates who can offer invaluable insight and support every step of the way. No matter how talented and experienced an instructor is, they are unlikely to remember what it's like to not have the years of legal experience they currently have. Your classmates are struggling to remember the complicated rules of conduct, statutes, and years of precedence that affect every corner of the legal system. When you ask a question in your class, or even when the class is having a group discussion, your classmates may offer insight that frames the issue in a way that is far more accessible to you.

Likewise, when you participate in sessions, you are forced to explain your own thought process when helping other students. This can be one of the most effective ways of committing information, procedure, and even strategies to memory.

Then there is the intangible benefit of being surrounded by people who are on a similar academic and career path as your own. It can be difficult to convey just how daunting the bar exam is to those who will never have to face it. When you are with your classmates, you know that they understand the work ethic required which can make it easier to put in the time and effort to work towards your scoring goals.

Even though group learning has many advantages, sometimes you need direct instructor feedback. With our Louisiana bar course, you can always request one-on-one time with your instructor outside of your regularly scheduled class sessions if you need clarification or additional help.

How Do I Sign Up for a Louisiana Bar Course Near Me?

Varsity Tutors wants to help you maximize the time and effort you spend on preparing for your upcoming exam, which is why we make it easy to enroll in a Louisiana bar prep course. Whether you need to complete your prep in an intense two-week course or you want to take your time in one of our four-week courses, we are here to help. Contact Varsity Tutors today to learn more or to enroll now.

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