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If you're considering furthering your education by attending a master's program, Varsity Tutors can get you connected with reliable Ann Arbor GRE prep today to help elevate your studies before test day. Admissions into graduate school can be highly competitive, meaning that it's important to do all that you can to set yourself apart from other applicants. If you are preparing to apply to the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan, chances are you will be required to take the GRE as part of your admissions package. Scoring high on the GRE can show schools that you have a wealth of foundational subject knowledge, are capable of solving complex problems, and won't be deterred by any challenges thrown your way.

Utilizing Ann Arbor GRE preparation is a great way to fast track your studies by learning how to streamline and condense your review. A basic internet search may overwhelm you with advice articles and unofficial test prep resources, leaving you wondering what to trust. Varsity Tutors offers connections to online classes and private tutors equipped with current test prep materials and thoroughly vetted instructors. If you prefer the benefits of online classroom learning, getting started in an Ann Arbor GRE prep course might be a good choice for you. Classes are held in a virtual classroom, led by an expert instructor, and are populated with peers eager to learn. If you prefer private instruction, we can connect you with an Ann Arbor GRE tutor. Private tutelage offers a personalized, tailored approach to GRE review. Whatever your needs, Varsity Tutors is confident that we can match you with Ann Arbor GRE prep that will provide you with a unique, beneficial learning experience.

What can Ann Arbor GRE prep help me review?

The GRE is composed of three different sections, including Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The content covered by the GRE is vast, necessitating strong foundational subject knowledge and advanced test-taking skills to make sure that you can complete the test in the allotted time. There are also two unscored exam sections that may be present in the GRE: the Experimental section and a Research section. The Research section could appear at the end of the exam and is optional. The Experimental section, if present, will be embedded within the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning sections. These sections are used to sample questions for future use. Here we will look at each individual section to give you a better idea of what to expect come test day.

The Analytical Writing section has two different sections, one of which asks you to analyze an issue, and the other asks you to analyze an argument. You will be allotted 30 minutes per task. This section of the GRE assesses your ability to articulate complex concepts effectively and concisely, defend ideas with examples and reasons, examine claims using accompanying evidence, and maintain a focused discussion. To perform these tasks, it's important to have advanced comprehension skills and a good command of written English.

Next, the Verbal Reasoning section assesses your skills in understanding the meaning of individual words and sentences, summarizing passages, analyzing texts and drawing conclusions, evaluating arguments, and your ability to interpret meaning from context, among other things. You will encounter three different types of question, including reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. These questions might ask you to use incomplete information in a single sentence to choose the best answers for how it should be completed, decide the best answer for blank sections of short passages, and demonstrate your understanding of complex passages. Refining your vocabulary and analysis skills will help you succeed in this section.

Finally, the Quantitative Reasoning section will assess your understanding of math concepts, basic math skills, logical reasoning, and your ability to apply quantitative methods. Some of the questions in this portion of the exam are modeled in real-life settings, while others are posed in ordinary mathematical settings. To succeed in this section, it is important to brush up on your arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis skills to answer quantitative comparison, multiple-choice, and numeric entry questions.

How can Ann Arbor GRE prep help me prepare for the exam?

Varsity Tutors can connect students with two different test prep options, including online courses and private tutoring. Every student learns at different speeds and requires different modes of teaching. We are confident that one of these methods will suit your test prep needs.

Enrolling in an Ann Arbor GRE prep class is a great way to take a collaborative approach towards learning. With new two- and four-week sessions beginning weekly, you can jump in whenever your schedule allows without feeling like you've missed the boat. All online courses are led by an expert instructor and taught using only qualified test prep materials. Live online learning mimics the classroom style learning that you are already accustomed to. You will be able to interact in real time with your instructor and peers, allowing you to ask questions as they arise, troubleshoot, and share and receive different test-taking tricks to help you diversify your studies. If you are struggling with contextualizing words and ideas within a text, you can arrange one-on-one time with your instructor to receive individualized instruction.

If you prefer the personalized nature of private instruction, getting started with an Ann Arbor GRE tutor might be a better choice for you. To work around your busy schedule, you can arrange to meet with your instructor online or in-person. Either way, you will have access to test prep materials that will reflect the content you can expect to encounter on the exam. Your instructor can take the time to learn your goals, learning style, and areas of opportunity to ensure that your GRE study plan meets your needs.

How do I begin Ann Arbor GRE prep?

Preparing for the exam alone might have you wondering where to start or what to study next. Knowing what to expect on the exam can help reduce the possibility of encountering the unknown on exam day. Working directly with an expert instructor can help revitalize and lend direction to your studies, ensuring that you are covering the necessary materials and developing efficient test-taking skills. What are you waiting for? Contact Varsity Tutors today to get connected with reliable Ann Arbor GRE prep.

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