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Varsity Tutors is ready to get you started with Tampa GRE prep to prepare you for the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, which is one assessment used by graduate schools to review your application. The GRE is a challenging test. At 3-hours, 45-minutes long, it covers three major academic performance areas: Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. You might be required to take the GRE and submit your scores when applying to The University of Tampa or the University of South Florida, just like students in over 160 countries around the world.

Thousands of colleges and universities accept the GRE. A Tampa GRE prep course can prepare you to perform in areas that are weighed heavily upon by nearly any higher education institution you apply to. Online courses let you study remotely but remain connected to a qualified instructor and groups of your peers. Perhaps others in your situation are having the same challenges. You can work together in a collaborative environment or with a tutor to focus on key topics and test-taking strategies.

What Subject Areas Can Tampa GRE Prep Help Me With?

The Analytical writing section has two parts. Over 60 minutes, you must analyze an issue and analyze an argument, with 30 minutes provided for each task. For each part, you must read the task, plan your response, write it, and check over your answer if there's enough time. This section examines your command of written English. It also measures your ability to articulate complex subjects, use supporting examples and reasons, and include evidence to examine your claims. Your response must also be focused and coherent.

In the 60-minute Verbal Reasoning section, many different skills are tested. This portion of the GRE is designed to gauge your understanding of words and sentences, summarize passages, analyze text, identify the strengths and weaknesses of a position, and use partial information to reach conclusions. It also tests your ability to interpret meaning from context, and reason about a whole idea based on just parts of it. The multiple-choice questions involve reading comprehension (with approximately 10 passages per test), fill-in-the-blank prompts related to short passages, and sentence completion exercises.

The Quantitative Reasoning section is essentially the mathematical part of the GRE. At 1-hour, 10-minutes long, it covers a range of math concepts and tests your problem-solving and logical reasoning skills in areas such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. There are a few question types, including quantitative comparison questions. You'll also be presented with numeric entry and multiple-choice questions that might have more than one answer. Thus, there are a few opportunities to get prepared in advance.

Another part of the GRE is unscored. You might have an Experimental section, which isn't identified but embedded in the Verbal or Quantitative Reasoning section. Its purpose is to try out new questions that may be included in future exams. An alternative Research section may be used instead. If this section is present, it will be labeled, and your choice whether to complete it is optional.

How Can a Tampa GRE Prep Class Get Me Ready to Take the Test?

Your instructor can do many things to help you prepare for the GRE. If you're unfamiliar with how the reading passages in the Verbal Reasoning section measure your skills or need to brush up on your algebra for the Quantitative Reasoning section, online lessons can help you feel more capable and confident. Practice tests and questions are important in the test prep process. They can help you learn more about the content and format of the exam, and practice being more efficient over the time allotted to complete each section. Also, each course is collaborative. You get to interact with your peers who are in the same boat as you are. They may be uncertain about the same topics and skills as you, so working together can further develop your knowledge and confidence.

When you log in, you see, hear, and interact with the instructor and participants as if they were in the same room. A live virtual platform enables everyone to interact and benefit from professional instruction, real-time interactions, and encouragement, while multimedia presentations and practice sessions may provide the insight you need to better reach for your test score goals.

But you still might not be fully certain you understand everything once a topic is covered. That's why Tampa GRE course instructors can set aside one-on-one time with you. Individualized sessions can be customized to your needs so you can ask any question or take the time needed to fully understand something. For an even more intensive one-on-one review, we can sign you up with a Tampa GRE tutor. A private instructor can focus on your opportunities, study skills, and, such as practicing with eliminating wrong answers based on the context of a passage or quickly drafting an outline for an essay. Your mentor will work until you fully understand a topic or skill before moving on.

How Do I Find the Right Tampa GRE Preparation?

Finding Tampa GRE prep is simple. There's no guesswork, and you don't have search on your own. Varsity Tutors manages the whole process and can set you up with two- or four-week classes depending on your needs and preferences. The type of class is selected during sign up. Classes also start concurrently on a weekly basis, so there are always options to consider.

At this point in your life, you are heavily invested in your education and career. An in-depth review and practice with foundational skills may be your bridge to performing more effectively and efficiently on the GRE. Don't miss out on great opportunities to receive expert help. You can't afford to forget anything or lack a skill that's needed to complete important tasks on the exam. If you're ready to get started with Tampa GRE prep, contact Varsity Tutors today. We are eager to get you started and be an important part of your academic career.

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