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If you're ready to invest in expert Detroit GRE prep, Varsity Tutors is the only company you need to call on. The Graduate Records Examinations, or GRE, is a digital high-stakes test written to help graduate programs identify strong candidates for their programs. Schools throughout the country will at least look at your score, though the weight attached to it can vary from program to program. In fact, individual programs at local schools such as Wayne State University and the University of Detroit Mercy may treat scores differently. That said, earning a good score could potentially help you stand out in a crowded field of applicants.

We can help by providing two different test prep services. First, we can find you a Detroit GRE prep course where you can prepare for the assessment in an online classroom environment. Or, we can set you up with a private Detroit GRE tutor so that you receive individualized attention as you work. Keep reading to learn more about how we may be able to help you work toward your academic goals!

What topics does expert Detroit GRE prep typically cover?

The GRE takes approximately three hours and 45 minutes to complete and consists of three scored sections. The Analytical Writing section measures a test-taker's written communication and argumentative skills. The Quantitative Reasoning section evaluates your understanding of mathematical concepts and quantitative problem-solving skills. The Verbal Reasoning section measures your reading comprehension and inference skills. Here is a closer look at what you can expect on each of the GRE sections:

Analytical Writing

The Analytical Writing section contains two 30-minute essay tasks. The first is an issue task, requiring test-takers to write an informative essay on a topic randomly selected from a list released prior to your testing date. Since there are only so many potential topics, you can outline all of them and feel prepared for whatever you get on the actual test. The second is an argumentative task demanding a critical assessment of a provided argument. You won't have foreknowledge of what you're writing about on this one, so you need to be prepared for anything. The GRE's Analytical Writing section is scored on a scale from 0-6 in increments of .5.

Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section consists of two 20-question blocks that you have a total of 70 minutes to complete. There are three question types on this section: numeric entry, multiple-choice, and quantitative comparisons. Some of the items may require more than one correct response in order to earn full credit. Questions on this section could involve arithmetic, data analysis, geometry, and algebra. The GRE's Quantitative Reasoning section is scored from 130-170 in one-point increments.

Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning section also consists of two 20-question blocks, though you only have one hour to complete them. Again, there are three types of questions: reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. Reading comprehension items are written to assess how well you can infer information from what you read. Text completions evaluate how well you can use context to identify how a passage is likely to continue. Sentence equivalence items are similar, except that you need to identify two correct responses from the list provided instead of one. The Verbal Reasoning section is scored on the same scale as the Quantitative section.

Your exam may also have an Experimental or Research section. If present, the Experimental section is embedded unmarked into the Verbal or Quantitative sections of the test, while the Research section is an optional standalone set of questions at the conclusion of the test. Both of these sections serve only to evaluate future test items and do not impact your score in any way. As such, there's no need to study for them.

Why should I trust Varsity Tutors with my Detroit GRE preparation needs?

If you decide to take a Detroit GRE prep class, you'll study on our powerful live virtual platform that facilitates real-time interactions with your teacher and classmates. We make sure that every teacher is a great communicator with a solid understanding of the GRE before we agree to partner with them, so you can count on a fantastic instructor in your virtual classroom. Your teacher is also available for private study sessions if you need extra help with a particular topic.

Sharing your classroom with other students may also prove beneficial. Working in a collaborative learning environment presents opportunities to increase your academic understanding that working alone would not. For instance, you can share an essay outline with the rest of the class and receive tips on how you could make it better. Explaining something to another person can also help improve your command of the topic. Of course, the fact that you can split the cost of expert test prep with all of your new friends is also a nice bonus.

That said, some students might prefer to study in a one-on-one learning environment designed around their needs. A private tutor can adjust their teaching method to your preferred learning style, helping you make the most of time spent studying. Private study sessions are also the perfect place to take practice exams to increase your familiarity with the exam's content and formatting. If you're apprehensive about taking the test, simply knowing what to expect may help calm your nerves. If that's not enough, your instructor can show you mindfulness techniques to mitigate the effects of test anxiety.

We also design all of our products with busy students in mind. We offer two and four-week courses to help you find something you can actually attend. We also start new courses every week, so it's always a great time to start pursuing your educational goals. Similarly, you can work with a private instructor on our proprietary Live Learning Platform to get the benefits of face-to-face instruction without the associated hassle.

Can somebody help me figure out which Detroit GRE prep solution is right for me?

Knowledgeable educational consultants are currently standing by to answer any questions you have or get you all set up, so reach out to Varsity Tutors for more information on Detroit GRE prep today!

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