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Students who are reviewing for upcoming college admissions exams like the ACT can reach out to Varsity Tutors for assistance in connecting with a Virginia Beach ACT prep course. Additional prep help can benefit any student who is preparing to apply to college. Performing well on the ACT is important for high schoolers, as it helps them stand out amidst fierce competition from other applicants. This is one reason many students start preparing early, as the ACT is one of the primary requirements in the college application process. The score you get on the ACT is a major factor in how college admissions committees might view your application, which means you'll need every form of help you can get.

The American College Test, or ACT, is composed of four sections, each designed to test students in a particular skill area. The ACT is a comprehensive test. This means that students will have to review several topics in the time they have from now until their ACT test date.

What can be covered by Virginia ACT prep?

Science, Reading, Math, and English are the four required sections that comprise the ACT. Writing is an optional section. The exam is administered for three hours and forty minutes if all 5 sections are taken, and just under three hours without the Writing section.

The Writing section includes one essay question that poses three varying points of view on a single issue. Students should be able to formulate their own response after reading the question and show connections between their own response to the three perspectives. The writing skills students must demonstrate in this question are drafting, organization, analysis, and comparison. You should maintain a strong grasp of the English language while doing so, which means your writing should be free of grammatical, spelling, and other errors. Your responses will be checked for topic development, organization, unity, and cohesion. This means the content you write should be well-thought out, easy to understand, and easy to follow.

As for the English section, students will be tasked to answer seventy-five questions in forty-five minutes. Because the questions posed by this section contain short passages, you'll need to read fast and ensure you understand the text. You will be tested for your quality of writing, knowledge of language skills, and the like. Students should hone their skills in style and tone of language to show how comfortable you are with using English.

Meanwhile, students answering the Math section will be given one hour to answer its sixty questions. Each question will gauge how much you've retained from the previous mathematical subjects you have learned. These include pre-algebra, coordinate and plane geometry, elementary and intermediate algebra, and trigonometry. To prepare for such questions, students will need to review number systems, interpreting equations, handling functions, graphing expressions, and doing geometric shape calculation. These concepts can be reviewed with the help of a tutor, or in an ACT class. When answering the Math sections, you'll need to ensure that you are solving quickly but as accurately as possible.

In answering the Reading section, you'll be given forty questions you need to answer in thirty-five minutes. You'll be given several passages for reading, just like the English section. The questions, however, will check how well you can comprehend the passages instead of how skilled you are with the language rules. The questions in the Reading section will gauge your ability to reason logically using texts, analyze texts, and make decisions using many sources of information. Your English vocabulary will be measured as well to ensure you're able to understand words and phrases in the passage.

Lastly, you'll encounter the Science section, which contains forty multiple-choice and passage-based questions. These questions, which need to be answered in thirty-five minutes, will check your grasp of scientific subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space sciences. To prepare for this section, students will need to review how to manipulate scientific data presented in different formats. You'll also have to use the scientific method, as well as other procedures, designs, and tools for scientific investigation and experimentation.

What are the benefits of different types of Virginia ACT prep?

Private tutoring and prep courses are two types of ACT review that Varsity Tutors can connect you with. Students can reap the benefits of each ACT review type and even combine them in order to get fully equipped for the exam. Some of the ways that Virginia ACT tutoring sessions or a prep class might add to your review are expanded upon below.

Students eyeing an ACT class can get enrolled in online instruction that's similar to a regular classroom-type course. New sections begin each week, and students can choose either a two-week session or a four-week session. Taking a Virginia ACT prep class also benefits you by letting you study in an interactive and collaborative online environment. ACT courses are held using a platform that allows students to converse with the instructor and fellow students during discussions or group activities that aim to hone the skills students need for the ACT. If you encounter any particularly tricky issues in your Virginia ACT course, you can request one-on-one help from your instructor.

If you prefer one-on-one study, you might opt to get help from a Virginia Beach ACT preparation tutor. With a private instructor, you'll be able to focus on any topics you struggle with since a private instructor doesn't need to follow a classroom lesson plan. For example, a student at Princess Anne High School who excels in American historical events but struggles to remember European historical figures can have the tutor lecture them on the latter and skip the former. Private ACT tutoring sessions focus just on you and your goals.

How can I find ACT review in Virginia?

If you are interested, contact Varsity Tutors to discuss the details of your ACT review needs. Our educational consultants will help you figure out which method might work best for you. Once you reach out to us, we can help you get set up in a class or connect with a private tutor quickly. Call today!

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