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As a tutor, I not only ensure my students make the grade, I nurture their academic self-esteem and innate intellectual curiosity. I do this by focusing on what my students know before turning to what they do not know. I take the time to understand and mentor my student’s particular gifts, using their individual strengths to conquer their individual academic challenges and become confident, creative, lifetime learners. By encouraging questions and providing hands-on interactive lessons which consist of substantial modeling (“see one”), guided practice (“do one”), and checking for understanding (“teach one”), I ensure my students understand the “why” rather than merely memorize the “that.”

I am “HQ” (Highly Qualified) certified to teach Social Studies for grades 7-12. I currently teach a sophomore level ethics class at St. Edwards University. I taught several classes at The University of Texas at Austin as a Doctoral Candidate, where I also earned my M.A. in Philosophy. At the University of Southern California, I earned my B.A. with Departmental Honors along with the Discovery Scholar’s award for excellence in independent research. I have been tutoring and teaching for eleven years, with a primary emphasis on developing my students’ writing and critical thinking skills.

In Renaissance Man fashion, I pursue well-roundedness. I let my imagination run free by playing World of Warcraft, watching Star Trek, and reading fantasy novels like The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. I support my physical health by practicing yoga, camping, and experimenting in the kitchen with healthy, delicious, recipes. I soothe my soul by spending time with my family and friends, singing in my church’s choir and curling up with my husband and four cats to enjoy a relaxing evening at home.

Undergraduate Degree:

University of Southern California - Bachelor in Arts, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

The University of Texas at Austin - PHD, Philosophy

SAT Composite: 1420

SAT Verbal: 770

GRE: 1510

GRE Quantitative: 730

GRE Verbal: 780

World of Warcraft, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Yoga, Camping, Reading, Singing

10th Grade Reading

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade Reading

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade Reading

12th Grade Writing

1st Grade Math

1st Grade Reading

1st Grade Writing

2nd Grade Math

2nd Grade Reading

2nd Grade Writing

3rd Grade Math

3rd Grade Reading

3rd Grade Writing

4th Grade Math

4th Grade Reading

4th Grade Writing

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Reading

5th Grade Writing

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Reading

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade Reading

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade Reading

8th Grade Writing

9th Grade Reading

9th Grade Writing

Adult Literacy

American Literature



College English

College Level American History

College Level American Literature

Comparative Literature

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Reading

Elementary School Writing

High School English

High School Level American History

High School Level American Literature

High School Writing

Middle School Reading

Middle School Writing


Persuasive Writing

SAT Subject Tests Prep

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Study Skills

Study Skills and Organization


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