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If you are a recent college graduate who is looking to enter the professional field as either a Registered or a Practical Nurse, Varsity Tutors is here to offer multiple St. Louis NCLEX preparation approaches that can help you reach for your goals on exam day. The NCLEX, or National Council Licensure Examination, is used by regulatory bodies to evaluate the competence of entry-level nursing candidates. Whether you attended nursing school somewhere local, such as the University of Missouri - St. Louis, or elsewhere around the country, you will need to score highly on the NCLEX before you can begin your career in the field of nursing. One of the best ways to supplement your formal education is through additional expert instruction outside of your normal classes.

What kinds of skills and subject areas can be covered by St. Louis NCLEX prep?

The NCLEX contains a wide variety of subject areas relating to both the health needs of clients and the fundamental processes of nursing practice. These topics include things like health promotion and maintenance, basic care and comfort, safety and infection control, and physiological adaptation, among others. No matter which review approach you decided to go with, an experienced instructor can help you nail down all of this material as well as the format and rules of the exam itself.

The NCLEX exams for practical nurses and registered nurses are slightly different but are administered in the same fashion. Computerized Adaptive Testing is used to present each question you see based on how you have performed on previous questions. This means that no two test-takers will have the exact same experience, but through our prep options, you can learn tips and strategies that can help you leverage the test against itself and give you confidence even when you encounter a particularly tricky or difficult question.

What are the different approaches to St. Louis NCLEX prep, and what are the benefits to each?

When you sign up for our services, you can choose between an online St. Louis NCLEX prep course or taking part in private instruction which can also be carried out in a virtual setting. Some participants even choose to combine the two.

If you enjoy in a classroom environment and are looking for something familiar, an online class could be right for you. Your St. Louis NCLEX prep class sessions will allow you to see the perspective of your instructor, as well as your classmates, as you work together through group discussions and activities that you can access from anywhere that you have an internet connection. You will also have an opportunity to request additional time with your instructor in a one-on-one setting.

Individuals who thrive with dedicated personal instruction can opt to work with a St. Louis NCLEX tutor instead. This can be done entirely over our Live Learning Platform which includes access to a virtual whiteboard, as well as video chat. If you prefer, you can also schedule face-to-face meetings with your tutor. This is a more personalized approach that allows you to receive assistance that is tailored specifically to your strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Private instructors can ensure that you are working at a pace that is comfortable for you and respond to your personal concerns with regular feedback on the progress you are making.

Each of these preparatory methods has its own benefits, but you have the ability to choose which one best fits your personal learning style and logistical needs.

How do I get started with St. Louis NCLEX prep?

Each professional industry has its own barriers of entry, and when it comes to the nursing field, one of the biggest barriers is passing the NCLEX. As you go through the process of preparing for something that can have such a substantial impact on the rest of your life, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed. For many individuals, this means seeking out professional assistance that can improve your skills and confidence as exam day nears. If either of the St. Louis NCLEX prep options that are offered by Varsity Tutors seem like they could be a benefit to you as you get ready for the exam, contact one of our educational consultants to get started. You can reach them online or by phone to get answers to any additional questions or sign up for the approach that best suits your needs. Reach out today to get the assistance you need.

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