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Varsity Tutors can assist 11th and 12th graders with preparation for the SAT exam by setting them up with superb Spokane SAT preparation options. Many juniors and seniors dream of attending college, and if that's one of your goals, you may need to take the SAT. Several students who take the SAT go to high schools like Lewis and Clark High School and Gonzaga Preparatory School. It's essential for you to do your best since your score may affect your chance of entrance into your desired university.

There are four sections on the SAT. Universities use this test to determine if a high school upperclassman can tackle higher-level coursework. Are you unsure about how to prepare for the test? An academic advisor at Varsity Tutors can get you on track with two kinds of SAT preparation programs: prep classes and tutoring. You may like a Spokane SAT prep class if you enjoy working with others. If you prefer private lessons, then you may benefit from a Spokane SAT tutor. We'll support you all the way regardless of what you choose.

What can Spokane SAT prep help me review?

The SAT test is comprised of four sections, including SAT Writing and Language, SAT Reading, SAT Math, and the optional SAT Essay. Its time limit is three hours. (It's three hours and 50 minutes if you decide to complete the SAT Essay.) You can take a 10-minute break and a five-minute break between test sections. You're probably a bit knowledgeable about the SAT because a parent, teacher, or an older sibling told you about it. Nevertheless, let's go over each section.

The SAT Writing and Language portion has 44 questions, each with four answer choices. It contains writing passages that cover subjects like humanities, careers, and science. You have to scan the passages for errors and then choose the answer that best reflects the correct use of the English language. It shares the same sub-score (200 to 800 points) as the SAT Reading section. You need to answer the questions in 35 minutes.

The SAT Reading portion contains 52 questions with four answer choices each. It possesses reading passages about science, history, and U.S. and World literature. You're required to understand complex topics and identify words in context. It shares the same sub-score (200 to 800 points) as the SAT Writing and Language section. You have 65 minutes to complete it.

The SAT Math portion consists of 58 questions split into two separate sections. The first section prohibits calculator use. However, you can use a calculator on the second section. This portion involves data analysis, problem-solving, algebra, and advanced math. It has a scoring range of 200 to 800, and its time limit is 80 minutes.

The SAT Essay contains a passage with 650 to 750 words. You have to read it and then analyze the writer's argument. It requires you to critique how the author uses reasoning, persuasion, and evidence to build a solid argument. Some colleges require this section, so it recommended that you complete it. Its scoring range is 6 to 24.

Your overall score is comprised of the number of questions you correctly answer. The SAT Essay isn't counted in your score because it's evaluated separately. If you're not sure about certain questions, go ahead and guess since you won't be penalized for it.

What benefits can Spokane SAT prep provide to me?

Varsity Tutors can set you up with prep courses or personal instruction. Both of these programs offer excellent benefits, and you can even partake in both of them at the same time. Read on to learn more about these options.

Do you and your friends sometimes meet with each other after school to study for a test or work on homework? A Spokane SAT prep course mimics that setup except it's online, so you don't need to go anywhere. It has a virtual classroom that lets you speak with an instructor and other students through your laptop or desktop computer. The teachers of each course have been through an in-depth interview to ensure subject knowledge and top-notch communication skills. If you're busy with an after-school job or an extracurricular activity, don't worry about tardiness. New sessions are offered every week to give you flexibility. Plus, you can join a two-week course or a four-week course. You and your fellow students participate in group discussions and activities to review the SAT. You all can go over math problems to get ready for the SAT Math section. If you want to improve your understanding of natural sciences and social studies, you can review the SAT Reading section. In addition, you or someone else can provide support for those who experience test jitters. You can also request the teacher to give you private help if you want direct focus on certain subjects.

In private tutoring, you're free to ask or discuss anything on your mind. Perhaps, you want someone to speak with about choosing a major for college. An educator can guide you by providing books and websites to try to inspire some career ideas. Do you want to strengthen your reading comprehension skills in a way that aligns with your learning style? The instructor can read passages out loud or use other tools to attempt to improve your understanding of a subject. Maybe you would like to become a more responsible student. They can suggest that you create a weekly study schedule you can stick to. A private mentor wants you to do your best now and in the future, and they're willing to help you out in any way they can.

I think these programs would really help me. How do I get started with Spokane SAT prep options?

Joining one or both of these programs is an easy process. All you need to do is call or reach out to us through our online contact form. If you want more information about Spokane SAT prep programs, or if you have any questions, just contact Varsity Tutors today.

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