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Varsity Tutors can help you find a Salt Lake City SIE prep solution that best fits your learning requirements. The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE or Essentials) Exam is necessary for anyone considering a career in the securities field. The SIE is one of the few industry exams that does not require the test-taker to be affiliated with a firm to sit for the exam. This open door policy means you can take the SIE before you land a job with a firm, and it may even help you stand out as a self-starter when you apply.

The SIE was created by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as a way to provide greater opportunities for those coming into the securities industry from another career path and students trying to get started right out of college. The exam combines some of the general knowledge questions about the field that were previously included in the various specialty tests. While passing the SIE will not grant you a license to begin working the industry, it is one of the requirements you can get out of the way before you're hired.

What can Salt Lake City SIE prep cover?

Professional SIE prep solutions have the potential to cover any aspect of the SIE examination. Prior to taking the test, it is essential to become familiar with several key concepts, including various financial products and their associated risks, trading, capital markets, regulatory framework, customer accounts, and prohibited activities.

You have two SIE prep options from which to choose: courses and private instruction. Both offer effective preparation techniques but do so in slightly different ways.

How can a Salt Lake City SIE prep course help me prepare?

A prep course is a great choice for those students who enjoy being in a collaborative group setting and want a comprehensive review of the concepts which will be covered on the exam. Courses offer precise study guidelines that can help take the guesswork out of SIE preparation.

Every session is led by a skilled teacher who has been thoroughly vetted by Varsity Tutors. You will meet with your teacher and classmates in a convenient online classroom. Digital classrooms save students time and allow more students to participate, which can reduce the cost typically associated with professional SIE prep resources.

Your teacher can offer direct instruction to the class just as if they were standing at the front of the room. The most significant difference is that every student has a front-row seat, and there isn't any distracting noise from the rest of the class during the presentation. You will also be able to view any shared resources on the digital whiteboard. Your instructor may also break the class into pairs or study groups when appropriate to promote group learning opportunities which can help solidify learning gains.

You will have opportunities during your sessions to ask your teacher questions. If you find you need more clarification around a particular concept, you can request individual time with the instructor outside of your session times.

During your course some of the topics you may review include business economic factors, municipal fund securities, exchange-traded products, corporate actions, prohibited activities, types of markets, debt instruments, REITs, orders and strategies, employee conduct, anti-money laundering, and other topics included on the SIE.

How is working with a Salt Lake City SIE tutor different from taking a class?

A Salt Lake City SIE prep class is a group learning environment, and working with a private instructor is a one-on-one individualized learning environment. Your sessions are created with your precise learning needs in mind. Whether you want a comprehensive review or focus on just a few areas, your sessions will reflect your learning needs.

Your personal teacher can take more time to get to discover your academic needs, learning style, and areas of opportunity. This is the type of information that is invaluable in creating custom learning plans. Working with a private teacher also gives you more scheduling flexibility.

As part of your private Salt Lake City SIE preparation, you can review international economic factors, packaged products, hedge funds, investment returns, privacy requirements, reportable events, the differences between fiscal and monetary policy, equity securities, direct participation programs, risk types, customer account registrations, and other skills or concepts included on the SIE.

How can I get started with Salt Lake City SIE prep?

Varsity Tutors makes it easy to find and get started with the right Salt Lake City SIE prep solution for your needs. Whether you want to enroll in a class or be connected to a skilled private instructor, we can help. Contact Varsity Tutors today to get started.

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