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Varsity Tutors can connect you with Richmond GRE prep resources if you're considering applying to graduate school. Whether you're an undergraduate student who has planned all along to continue your education or you're a professional who has made the decision to go back to school, you may have to take the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE, as part of your application process. This computer-based exam is accepted by thousands of colleges and universities around the world. We can help you determine whether one-on-one work with a Richmond GRE tutor is right for you, or whether you'd get more out of a Richmond GRE prep class.

Not all graduate schools require the GRE, but individuals applying to the Virginia Commonwealth University or the University of Richmond's graduate school programs will want to do the very best they can, because the score you get on the GRE will be part of the criteria that determines whether or not you will be accepted.

What does Richmond GRE prep include?

There are three scored sections and two unscored sections to the GRE. The scored sections are Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. The two unscored sections are a Research section and the Experimental section. Working with a Richmond GRE tutor can give you some insights about what you can expect when you sit down for your test, from the types of questions to the layout of the exam. We'll discuss each section in more detail, starting with the Verbal Reasoning section.

There are two subsections in the Verbal Reasoning section and each has 20 questions. Reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence are the three types of questions you'll be expected to answer. You'll have up to 10 passages to read and up to six questions to answer per passage. It's very important to have strong time management skills. To assess your abilities in the text completion section, you'll be given up to five short passages to read with blank sections. There will be up to 5 options to fill the blank section and you're expected to choose the best option. In terms of sentence equivalence, you'll see partial information in a single sentence and you'll choose two answers that could complete the sentence, from six options. You'll have an hour to finish this section.

There are two subsections in the Quantitative Reasoning section, with 20 questions each. You'll be tested on basic math skills, and will be evaluated on your understanding of various other topics, like data analysis, arithmetic, geometry, and algebra. There are a variety of types of questions that you will see when you settle in for this section, including multiple choice, numeric entry, and quantitative comparison. This section will also test how well you can use your problem-solving skills, reasoning, and quantitative methods to solve problems. You'll have one hour and 10 minutes to complete this section.

In the Analytical Writing section, you'll be given two essays to complete. You'll be asked to analyze an issue and a task as well. There will be half an hour allotted to each of these tasks. Your score on this section tells admissions boards how well you can explain complicated topics, support your ideas with reasoning and examples, and your ability to keep a discussion focused. Time management will be key in this section as well.

The score range on the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections is from 130 to 170, and the scoring on the Analytical Writing section ranges from 0 to 6 points.

The two unscored sections give test writers the opportunity to test new questions for future exams. The Experimental section may or may not part of the exam, but if it is, it won't be identified. If it is included, it will be embedded in the Quantitative or Verbal Reasoning sections. The Research section is labeled and optional. It comes at the end of the test, and could replace the embedded Experimental section.

How can Richmond GRE prep help me?

If you choose to work with a Richmond GRE tutor one-on-one, there's a lot of flexibility in how sessions are scheduled and what you might cover in your sessions. They might administer practice exams, help you find study aids and resources that could enhance the work you do together, or they might help you focus on specific strategies for each section. When it comes to the Analytical Writing section, for example, they might work with you on planning and organization. For the Verbal Reasoning section, your Richmond GRE tutor might help you strengthen your ability to analyze text or summarize passages. In the Quantitative Reasoning section, they might help you brush up on quantitative comparison.

In a Richmond GRE prep course, you'll interact with other students and your instructor in real time by using the Varsity Tutors Live Learning Platform. The platform lets you participate in the discussion and allows interaction just like you would have if you were all in the same classroom. Those classes run for two or four weeks, and new sessions start weekly. You'll have opportunities for discussion and be able to gain insights from other students in your class on topics that you might struggle with. You may also learn study tips, time management techniques, or stress management techniques.

How can I connect with someone for Richmond GRE preparation?

No matter when you're going to take your GRE exam, there's an academic coaching method that can help you to feel more confident in your understanding of the topics you'll see on the exam. There are several different ways to find a Richmond GRE prep tutor, but some of them take a lot of time and energy. Why not reach out to Varsity Tutors and let our educational consultants help you weigh the pros and cons of one-on-one instruction and GRE prep courses? We would be happy to help you choose the study method that accommodates your preferences, your educational strengths and opportunities, and works for your schedule. Call us today and get started on your GRE prep!

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