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If you need to study for the PANCE exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find various options for PANCE exam prep. Private tutoring can be a smart way to study in a targeted, one-on-one environment, and we can find you a PANCE prep tutor who can help you spend all the time you need covering various PANCE-related concepts. PANCE prep training is also a helpful option, and we can set you up with a personal instructor who can lead you and a group of other prospective physician assistants in engaging, productive and interactive lessons.

The Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination is a 300-question, multiple-choice exam that covers questions based around two categories. The first category covers organ systems, diseases, disorders, and related medical assessments. The other category covers the actual skills and knowledge needed to deal with these factors. The test is typically split into 5 blocks of 60 questions each, with a one-hour time limit for each block. This gives you roughly one minute to complete each question. The PANCE is a computer-based exam, and you need to have graduated from a physician assistant program accredited by the ARC-PA to be eligible to take this exam.

What are the advantages of the PANCE prep training options available to me?

When we help you find a PANCE prep class, you choose to study with a personal instructor or in a collaborative group setting with other students who are also aiming to pass the PANCE. Which option you choose depends on your personal preferences, but it makes sense to learn about the benefits of each before you make your decision.

A PANCE prep tutor can be an effective study resource because you can target your weak points and avoid rehashing topics that you're already familiar with, such as the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, a group environment can lead to in-depth class discussions on topics like the endocrine system where new ideas and insights are exchanged and explored.

Let's examine the PANCE prep tutoring option in greater detail. In this one-on-one environment, you'll have greater control over the type of study assistance you'll receive, mostly because there are no other students present. For example, if you're covering the gastrointestinal system and you'd like to slow down so that you can truly absorb key concepts, you can simply ask your instructor to reduce the pace.

We can also help you find a PANCE prep tutor who is specially trained to adapt to your learning style by using teaching methods that help you learn in a more productive manner. For example, a topic like infectious diseases can be easier to grasp through methods such as flashcards, discussions, or interactive activities, depending on whether you're a verbal, hands-on, or visual learner.

Both options are solid choices if you'd like to take your studying seriously, and there are some similar attributes that both share in common. For example, in both scenarios, you can write practice PANCE exams and hone your skills in a simulated test environment. Your instructor can then look over your test results, and show you the specific areas you need to improve upon before you take the PANCE. This can lead to a greater sense of confidence in your abilities when you sit the exam for real.

Are you sure I can fit online PANCE prep into my busy schedule?

We understand that finding the time to study in an efficient manner is sometimes the biggest obstacle when approaching the PANCE. Regardless of what your schedule looks like, we feel confident in our ability to match you with a prep option that you can handle. Studying online is always convenient because you can access your sessions from any location with an internet connection. There's also some degree of flexibility with both private tutoring and classes since you can choose from a range of scheduling options when you sign up.

We can find you PANCE prep tutoring that can be especially flexible because we'll set you up with a personal instructor who is available when you are. With this option, you won't have to worry about shifting your schedule around or sacrificing important commitments. There's even the option to study alongside a PANCE prep teacher in person if you'd like.

Studying online can be just as effective as an in-person setting because of the features offered by our Live Learning Platform. With video chat, you can communicate with your instructor on a range of topics and ask questions in real-time. A virtual whiteboard provides a medium for a range of visual teaching methods. You can also refer back to past sessions that have been automatically recorded and saved. This saved archive of knowledge can be a helpful way to study outside of your PANCE prep sessions.

Can I sign up for online PANCE prep right now?

Online PANCE prep is closer than you think. All you need to do is contact Varsity Tutors today, and our team of educational consultants can make sure that you're matched with a PANCE prep tutor in as little as 24 hours.

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