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As you go through the steps towards becoming a certified public accountant, allow Varsity Tutors to enroll you in a Philadelphia CPA exam course. In order to become a certified public accountant, you must go through the "Threes Es." First, you need an education. Odds are, you are a student at the University of Pennsylvania, a student at Temple University, or a student at another local college pursuing a degree in accounting. You may also be an individual who has already earned their degree and is working towards receiving the rest of your requirements. The next step in receiving your license is the examination. This is where the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, or the CPA exam, comes into play. Finally, you need experience. Successful completion of all three of these steps is a requirement in all 55 U.S. jurisdictions. After you have successfully accumulated the "Three Es," you are ready to receive your public accountant license in the United States. As you move through these steps and study for your exam, consider a Philadelphia CPA exam prep course for extra guidance.

How can a Philadelphia CPA exam class help me prepare?

In order to become a certified public accountant, you must pass all four sections of the CPA exam within an 18-month testing window. In order to pass, you must earn a score of 75 or higher. All four sections of the CPA exam are timed at four hours. The first section of the CPA exam is the Auditing and Attestation portion, which consists of 72 multiple-choice questions and nine task-based simulations. Next is the Business Environment and Concepts section. During this section, students must answer 62 multiple-choice questions, four task-based simulations, and three written communication questions. Thirdly, the Financial Accounting and Reporting section requires students to answer 66 multiple-choice questions and nine task-based simulations in four hours. Lastly, the Regulation section of the CPA exam asks test-takers to complete 76 multiple-choice questions and nine task-based simulations.

What are the benefits of a CPA exam course?

For some individuals, timed tests are intimidating. If you're feeling the pressure, you can feel more at ease by enrolling in a Philadelphia CPA exam class. Each class is lead by a skilled and professional instructor, who has a strong knowledge of the CPA exam and its contents. Your instructor can help you receive a stronger knowledge of several of the CPA exam's potential topics, including operations management, corporate governance, financial management, and so on. Your instructor understands how to help students of all skill levels learn, which is why you can feel confident during each lesson. Ask questions whenever they arise to receive prompt and relevant answers from your instructor. Take advantage of this interactive platform to engage in your materials. Additionally, students can interact with their peers during each lesson. Communicative learners can engage with their instructor and their peers for the most collaborative learning experience possible through a Philadelphia CPA exam class.

How can I enroll in a Philadelphia CPA exam course?

A CPA exam course is designed with the needs of potential certified public accountants in mind. We here at Varsity Tutors know that individuals looking to earn their licenses are busy, whether they're college students or working professionals with full-time jobs. Your study time is sparse, so make the most of the time you do have by connecting with Varsity Tutors to enroll in a Philadelphia CPA exam course. Each course is available entirely online, saving you from making a commute. Instead of wasting your time going from here to there, you can learn in a comfortable and familiar environment that is most ideal for your learning style. Thanks to the online format, you can learn from your own home, your local library, your favorite coffee shop, your college campus, your office, and virtually anywhere else where you have access to a computer and the internet.

Courses are offered throughout the day and start on a monthly basis. When signing up for a course, select from morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend sessions. Instead of rearranging your schedule to benefit from CPA exam courses, select a meeting time that works best for the schedule you already have. At Varsity Tutors, it is our goal to help students work towards their goals related to the CPA exam. Whether you're looking to receive a more in-depth understanding of assessing risk and developing a planned response, or you want to shape up on your test-taking skills, a Philadelphia CPA exam course offered by Varsity Tutors can help.

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