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If you're planning on taking the CPA exam, consider a Tucson CPA exam prep course offered by Varsity Tutors. Otherwise known as the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination, the CPA assesses whether or not you're truly ready for an entry-level position as a public accountant. Keep in mind that the CPA exam is only one part of the process. Examination is just one component of the "Three Es," and the other two are Education and Experience. Once you've got all three nailed down, you can obtain an official license to practice in the United States. Although this exam is only one step on the path to becoming a professional accountant, it's an important one. All 55 jurisdictions in the US require you to successfully pass the exam. Certain aspects of the CPA might be challenging to some students, and that's why it's always important to take your studying seriously. Choosing a prep course is an ideal option for students of all backgrounds. You might be a working professional who sees the CPA exam as a way to advance in your career or try something new altogether. Maybe you've graduated from the University of Arizona. You might have taken courses that eventually led you towards a career in accountancy. Whatever the case may be, the CPA exam is the logical next step, and a prep course can help you approach this challenge with confidence.

What Might You Learn With A Tucson CPA Exam Course?

In order to create effective study strategies, it's important to understand the structure of the CPA exam. This is something your prep course can help with. There are actually four different sections of the CPA exam, and each one is essentially an exam in its own right. You'll have a time limit of four hours to complete each section, and you'll need a score of at least 75% percent each to pass. The good news is that you have 18 months to complete all of these sections.

The Auditing and Attestation section comprises of 72 multiple choice questions and 9 task-based simulations. The section covering Business Environment and Concepts comprises of 62 multiple choice questions, 4 task-based simulations, and a further 3 written communication questions. Financial Accounting and Reporting involves 66 multiple choice questions and 9 task-based simulations. Finally, the section regarding Regulation includes 76 multiple choice questions and 9 task-based simulations.

As far as the multiple choice component goes, your instructor might help you develop strategies and skills that could help you make the most of your time limits. These strategies include skipping questions that are taking too long and timing each question to make sure you're staying on track.

There are a number of other specific concepts your instructor might help you review in your Tucson CPA Exam course. These include potentially challenging topics such as corporate governance, information technology, business law, select transactions, operations management, and many others.

How Does A Tucson CPA Exam Course Help You Learn?

There are many notable benefits that you might experience when you sign up for a Tucson CPA exam course. Instructors are highly knowledgeable experts who know the industry inside and out. Each instructor must go through a vetting process which not only assesses their knowledge but also their communication skills. This course takes a collaborative approach to learning, teaming you up with other students in a virtual classroom setting. As your instructor guides you through the various concepts of the CPA exam, you'll have plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions. Other students will do the same, and this could lead to a deeper, more complete educational experience. For example, your fellow students might raise points that you never considered, or ask questions that you didn't think to ask. You might find that this approach works well with your unique learning style.

How Can You Sign Up For A Tucson CPA Exam Class?

A number of different scheduling options are available, and it's easy to fit your Tucson CPA exam class in with a busy schedule. You can choose from night classes, weekend classes, and even classes that take place during your lunch break! You can also choose between two-week and four-week classes for even greater flexibility. With new classes starting up every single month, you won't have to wait long before getting started. Remember, you can also access these classes from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer with an internet connection. Why wait another moment? The CPA exam is a crucial stepping stone on the path to becoming an accountant. You might as well get started right now! Call Varsity Tutors, and our educational consultants will provide you with all the information you need to book a Tucson CPA exam class.

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