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Varsity Tutors can set you up with a Louisville Series 7 course if you're seeking a license to trade as a U.S. stockbroker. Whether you are attending the University of Louisville or have graduated Bellarmine University and are ready to pursue your career, a test prep course can be just what you need to review important topics learned in school. Some of these may be topics you haven't covered in a while. A comprehensive review can ensure your mind is refreshed in time for the test; more so than studying on your own. Each course takes place online and covers the concepts you've learned in your financial classes to help you study efficiently.

What Topics Can a Louisville Series 7 Course Cover?

Assessing the knowledge and competency of entry-level registered representatives, the Series 7 exam includes topics like investment risk, equity, taxation, and debt instruments. Other topics tested on include stock options, packaged securities, and retirement plans. These and many other topics are part of the Louisville Series 7 course curriculum. On the test, you will need to demonstrate your competence as a general securities representative to perform duties such as selling corporate securities, investment company securities, municipal securities, and more. You must have a solid understanding of these to not only pass the exam with a score of 72% but also to be employed in the securities industry.

A Louisville Series 7 exam class can also provide you with an understanding of how this multiple-choice test is formatted. Over 225 minutes, you will need to complete 125 questions that assess your knowledge and competencies related to working as a broker-dealer for customers and potential customers, evaluating customer's financial profile and investment objectives prior to opening accounts, and processing, completing, and confirming customer transactions. Nearly three-fourths of your score involves questions about informing customers about investments, transferring assets, and maintaining records. During your class sessions, you can receive insights into how questions are structured so there are no surprises on test day.

How Can a Louisville Series 7 Class Help Me Study?

Led by a qualified instructor, our online class can guide you in studying for the test. Your instructor can explain and demonstrate efficient ways to study and approach the exam so you can work to answer questions as accurately as possible. In addition, your instructor can build on their experience to explain how to interact with securities customers so you have a better idea of what to expect going forward. Career insights can help motivate you or at least improve your confidence, which helps in reaching for your potential on the test. All the while, you get to collaborate with your classmates in answering questions and discussing a variety of topics covered on the exam.

Your peers can provide you with assistance, and vice versa. You can also receive immediate feedback from your instructor, which helps raise awareness of any learning opportunities and the progress you are making. During each lesson, you can see, hear, and talk to everyone who is participating. The virtual classroom environment is engaging, and you can log in from wherever you have Internet access. An online whiteboard and video chat enable seamless interaction so you can productively discuss regulation, customer disclosures, mutual funds, or the rights of common stockbrokers.

Participating in a Louisville Series 7 course gives you the opportunity to learn invaluable study and test-taking skills. You can ask questions on any topic and receive instant answers. But when you are uncertain about the material or the test itself, you can request one-on-one time with your instructor for additional guidance. Each instructor has been verified to be knowledgeable, accurate, and informative in communicating with students.

How Do I Sign Up for a Louisville Series 7 Prep Course?

Varsity Tutors has come up with an array of flexible options to make sure you can find a course that fits in your schedule. Courses are offered at different times of the day. You can study in the morning or afternoon or opt for evening or weekend sessions. Two and four-week courses are available and start on a monthly basis, so you can get a head start on your prep soon.

If you're ready to enroll in a Louisville Series 7 class, contact us today and speak with an educational consultant. We're committed to helping you find a class you have time for and guiding you through the process. Call today for answers to your questions and information that can help you reach for the next level.

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