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If you're interested in taking an Orlando CFA prep course but aren't positive how to get started, Varsity Tutors offers one of the best products in the industry. CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, a credential granted by the CFA Institute in recognition of an individual's academic knowledge of the financial industry and practical portfolio management skills. In order to qualify, you must hold a bachelor's degree (or higher), have financial industry experience, and pass a series of three standardized exams. Accomplishing all three is easier said than done, as only about 150,000 people worldwide hold CFA certification.

The actual CFA Exam consists of three tests conveniently called Level I, Level II, and Level III. Each test lasts six hours divided into morning and afternoon sessions lasting three hours each. You also do not receive a numerical score, as the exams are graded as either "pass" or "did not pass." If the pressure of preparing for three tests at once is getting to you, contact us to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in an Orlando CFA class today.

What concepts can I study in an Orlando CFA course?

The three different CFA Exams largely cover the same topics (alternative investments, equity investments, quantitative methods, portfolio management, etc.), with higher-level tests going into more detail on each one. As such, the material you need to cover in an Orlando CFA class depends on the specific test you're taking. For example, the Level I test is comprised of 240 multiple-choice questions. Your instructor can show you how to eliminate obviously incorrect answer choices if you find that you need to guess on a challenging question, improving your odds of proving correct.

The Level II CFA Exam follows a similar format to Level I, except that you only need to answer 120 questions instead of 240. Every question is tied to a vignette, similar to how reading comprehension items are tied to specific passages on other tests. If you could retain more of what you read, your instructor can show you active reading techniques such as taking notes as you go to make key points easier to remember. Likewise, your instructor may encourage you to read the questions before their associated vignette to get a sense of what information you're looking for.

The Level III CFA Exam's afternoon session is similar to Level II, but the morning session consists exclusively of multiple-part constructed response items. There's really no way to fake a constructed response if you don't know the answer, so your instructor can pay particular attention to this segment of the test to make sure that you feel prepared going in.

Can you explain some of the advantages of taking an Orlando CFA course?

Each of our courses entails a group of students meeting with an expert teacher on our digital Live Learning Platform. Every instructor undergoes a rigorous vetting process, so you can count on studying with a skilled communicator with a wealth of knowledge about the CFA Exam. Video chat functionality ensures that you can see and hear your instructor as if you were in the same room, so asking for assistance is as easy as raising your hand.

Our proprietary Live Learning Platform also leverages features like a virtual whiteboard to let you study anywhere you like. If you have regular downtime at a local school such as the University of Central Florida, you can take out your preferred mobile device and attend a course without leaving campus. Of course, you can also study from home if you like.

You can also interact with your classmates in real time on our platform, creating a collaborative learning environment that may make it easier to pursue your educational goals. For instance, let's say that you're having a hard time with corporate finance. One of your classmates may be able to explain it to you in a more relatable manner than your instructor, furthering your understanding of the concept. Likewise, you can explain concepts to your classmates to increase your confidence in the topic.

We also try to make attending a course as convenient as it can possibly be. We provide several courses concurrently, including two-week and four-week options to accommodate a broad swath of students. New courses also launch monthly, so you never need to wait long to get started.

How do I sign up for an Orlando CFA course today?

Just reach out to a knowledgeable educational consultant using the information provided below to learn more about our convenient enrollment process. Varsity Tutors has helped countless students pursue their professional and academic goals in the past, and we look forward to seeing you in an Orlando CFA course soon!

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