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If you're ready to take the bar exam, Varsity Tutors can help you find Indianapolis bar exam prep. Whether you've taken law classes at The Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law or another law school in the area, you'll want to review the material you've learned. Passing the bar exam is one of the next steps on your career pathway to becoming a lawyer, so it's important that you do well on it. Preparing for the bar exam can help you feel better more confident whether you decide on an Indianapolis bar exam prep course or a private tutor.

What are some of the concepts covered during Indianapolis bar exam prep?

When you finish your law school classes, you'll have to take a bar exam so you can practice law. Each state has its own requirements. However, in Indiana, they use the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), and the Multistate Performance Test (MPT). Each of these exams has questions about different topics. For example, the MPRE has questions about the client-lawyer relationship or the different roles of a lawyer, while the MBE focuses more on the law itself and has questions about criminal law and procedure and constitutional law.

In addition to the content, you'll want to get familiar with the format of each test. Each bar exam has questions in different formats. For instance, the MPT has two 90-minute tasks to test your ability as a beginning lawyer. You might be asked to write a closing argument or draft a letter to a client. The MPRE has 60 multiple-choice questions you'll have to answer in two hours, while the MBE has 200 multiple-choice questions you'll have six hours to complete. Your bar exam instructor can help you study for any of these question types. They can show you test-taking strategies on how to eliminate the wrong answers right away and help you narrow answers down during the multiple-choice exams. They can also share some tips on ways you can write a discovery plan or a will.

What are the perks of choosing Indianapolis bar exam preparation?

Varsity Tutors has two different kinds of bar exam prep: online private tutoring and virtual classes. Both options have their own benefits, so it's up to you which one you choose. Some students prefer to do both kinds of prep while many others will decide to do only one kind. Either way, you'll get an expert instructor who knows the bar exam and is ready to help you review. Let's take a glance at what each kind of prep does, so you can make your choice.

Working in a group is sometimes better for those who enjoy collaborating with others. An Indianapolis bar exam prep class is done online, making you feel like you're in a physical classroom. Once you are enrolled in the class, our Live Learning Platform will allow you to meet your other classmates and your bar exam instructor. You'll use a video chat and a virtual whiteboard to talk with the others. Your instructor might break up the class into small groups and assign in-class projects. They'll lead you in discussions and give you the chance to ask questions about difficult concepts you still don't understand.

Working one-on-one may be a better option if you prefer working alone. You can connect with an Indianapolis bar exam tutor so you can ask questions without the distractions of the other students in the class. Your academic tutor can help you set a pace to review the topics you need to work on the most and skip through those topics you know well. As you progress through the first few sessions, your bar exam instructor can get to know you better and make an individualized learning plan for your future sessions. They can base this plan on how you learn best. For example, you might be a visual learner, so you might use flashcards to learn vocabulary for the different areas of law, like real property or civil procedure.

How do I sign up for Indianapolis bar exam prep?

No matter which kind of bar exam prep you decide to do, you'll have an expert instructor ready to help you review for this crucial exam. We have flexible scheduling which gives you many options for our online group classes or private tutoring. Reach out to our educational consultants to get more details and get your questions answered. Varsity Tutors is ready to set you up with Indianapolis bar exam prep today.

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