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If you want to review before you take the CPA exam, Varsity Tutors can set you up with Houston CPA exam prep. After you've taken finance, economics, or other related classes at the University of Houston, Texas Southern University, or another university, the next step is the CPA exam. So far, you've worked hard to earn your degree, but before you take the CPA exam, you might consider reviewing the concepts you've learned. By taking a Houston CPA exam prep course or seeking a private tutor, these options can help you with your review and give you the boost of confidence you need to be ready for the CPA exam.

What are the topics Houston CPA exam prep can help me review?

The CPA exam, or the Certified Public Accountant exam, is a requirement for licensure for those going into this field. It is a requirement in all 50 states and in five United States territories, like Guam and Puerto Rico. Four main sections make up the CPA exam. They are Financial Accounting and Reporting, Regulation, Business Environment and Concepts, and Auditing and Attestation. Each section is broken down into subsections. For example, you might need to know how state and local governments are run or how individuals are taxed federally.

While you're reviewing the content, it's also helpful to understand how the CPA test is formatted. Three of the four main sections have nine task-based simulations while Business Environment and Concepts only has four task-based simulations on the CPA exam. Each of the sections has between 62 and 76 multiple-choice questions, and each test section takes about four hours or a total of 16 hours. You'll have 18 months to get all four sections of the CPA exam done, and you'll need a score of 75 or higher for each section to pass and earn your licensure.

How can Houston CPA exam preparation help me study?

There are two ways Varsity Tutors can help you review for the CPA exam: private tutoring and online classes. Based on how they learn, some students may choose to do both ways, but many students prefer to pick one way to do their CPA exam review. Either choice is a good one, and you'll get the opportunity to work with a CPA instructor who knows both the content and format of the exam and is ready to share that knowledge with you. It's time to take a glance at what Houston CPA exam prep can do for your review.

If you work best collaborating with others, you might prefer to take a Houston CPA exam prep class. After you sign up, you'll attend the class via our Live Learning Platform where you'll meet your class instructor and the other students. Your CPA instructor will use a virtual whiteboard and a video chat to communicate with you and your classmates. You'll be able to chat and ask questions with the others about the concepts you struggle with the most. For instance, perhaps you don't understand how entities are federally taxed, and one of your classmates can explain it in a way you understand. In return, you might be able to help someone else in the class understand how particular regulatory concepts work. In case you still don't understand a key concept, your instructor is available to meet one-on-one outside of class time.

If you prefer private instruction, you may want to use a Houston CPA exam tutor. When you don't understand a few difficult concepts, your private instructor can spend as much time on them as you need until you do grasp them. Of course, you can always skip the parts you do understand. As you progress through the sessions, your instructor can better understand your learning style and can make a plan to use that learning style during your time together. For instance, maybe you're a visual learner and don't understand how to form conclusions and report them, your instructor might have you watch a short video on how to do that and discuss what you learned from the video.

What do I need to do to sign up for CPA exam prep?

Whether you choose a private tutor or enroll in a prep class, you'll have an instructor who's ready to help you be prepared for the CPA exam. We have flexible scheduling, so you can find an option that will fit your busy schedule. If you want to know more about Houston CPA exam prep, reach out to our educational consultants at Varsity Tutors right away.

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