A Baker's Dozen of Fat-Cutting Exercises
A handout to help writers be more concise. It will work best with high school writers and older.

Finding the Black Ninja Fish: Revision and Writing Groups in the First Grade
In this article a teacher details her year-long process of teaching first graders to revise.

How do you Spell Caught ?
In this article a teacher explains her Write-Think-Check process that helps elementary LD students edit for spelling.

Langston Hughes' Drafts of "Ballad of Booker T.": Exploring the Creative Process
Four typewritten, marked-up drafts and a final copy of Hughes' poem allow students to follow the creative process as the poet makes changes to his work over the course of three days. Page includes teaching suggestions.

The Power of Simple Words Long, fancy words designed to show off intelligence and vocabulary aren't always the best writing choice. This short (2:02), playful video explains why simple, punchy language is often the clearest way to convey a message. Includes follow-up questions at the end; appropriate for middle school and older.

Reading Practices as Revision Strategies
This strategy approaches revision from a read-aloud, collaborative standpoint.

Revising drafts
This handout is designed for high school and above but might also work with middle school students.

Revising Revision: How my Students Transformed Writers' Workshop
This article explores strategies used in third and fourth grade. Access to this 9-page document requires Adobe Reader or compatible application.

Revising: Searching for Things to Fix
A strategy for revision in small groups. Scroll down for questions for writers to ask themselves as they revise.

Working With Beginning Writers
Modeling revision with first graders.

Wordiness: Danger Signals and Ways to React
Models of wordiness and suggestions for revision.