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If you are interested in premium CLEP Western Civilization prep, Varsity Tutors offers private CLEP Western Civilization classes to help you build confidence heading into exam day. The CLEP program allows college students who have studied introductory undergraduate material before to prove it on a standardized exam and bypass a college course, potentially earning their degree more quickly. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CLEP Western Civilization test preparation!

One important component of CLEP Western Civilization test prep is understanding exactly which skills are expected of you. The table below highlights five of the most important things you might want to concentrate on during your CLEP Western Civilization prep:

  • Knowledge and Skills Required
    • Understanding important factual knowledge of developments in Western civilization
    • Ability to identify the causes and effects of major historical events
    • Ability to analyze, interpret, and evaluate textual and graphic historical materials
    • Ability to distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant
    • Ability to reach conclusions on the basis of facts

Note that all of the skills above are abstract. The CLEP Western Civilization I exam is not only about memorizing factual knowledge but how to use that knowledge in a pragmatic way. If you have a hard time distinguishing between causes and effects or drawing valid conclusions from a set of facts, these skills should be a focal point in your CLEP Western Civilization tutoring sessions.

Of course, rote memorization is important too. If historical facts don't seem to stick in your mind, CLEP Western Civilization tutors may be able to teach you new study techniques. Students who don't get enough from textbook readings may practice active reading during their CLEP Western Civilization test prep to retain more of the information. Alternatively, auditory learners might get more out of CLEP Western Civilization courses with a lecture and discussion format than they ever could from reading a book. The ideal CLEP Western Civilization test prep varies from student to student.

You get private instruction in every CLEP Western Civilization class we offer, potentially allowing your teacher to build study sessions with your needs in mind. If you're comfortable with European history but have a harder time working with foreign-sounding names, flashcards may be incorporated into your CLEP Western Civilization preparation to make things easier to remember. You also don't leave to leave a topic behind until you are ready to move on.

Practice exams can also be a key piece of the CLEP Western Civilization prep equation. A couple of practice questions are provided below to help you get a feel for the kinds of questions you can expect on test day:

Practice Questions:

  • Which of the following is not a common characteristic of all early civilizations?
    • Agricultural surplus
    • Clear division of labor
    • A pictographic writing system
    • Some form of government
    • Population centers such as towns and cities
  • Which of the following rivers did NOT play an important role in the development of the earliest civilizations?
    • The Yangtze River
    • The Tiber River
    • The Nile River
    • The Indus River
    • The Euphrates River

If you don't understand why the answers in bold are correct, you still have some CLEP Western Civilization prep work to do. Practice exams may help you develop a sense for the keywords you should be looking for, such as the capitalized "NOT" in the second question above. Going over your results could also help you identify areas of potential improvement to concentrate on in the future.

We also strive to make CLEP Western Civilization test prep as accessible as we can. All instruction takes place on our Live Learning Platform, giving you the benefits of a physical classroom from the comfort of your living room (or anywhere else with a stable internet connection). We also try to match you with an instructor who is available when you are to mitigate scheduling conflicts.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking a Varsity Tutors CLEP Western Civilization course or want to enroll today, contact an Educational Consultant using the information provided below to get started. We look forward to helping you pursue your goals!

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