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Bridge Narratives
In this 5-lesson unit students analyze two pieces of art (included) and write about them using words that have prefixes and suffixes. Designed for grade 2.

Building a Better Vocabulary
This page includes a wealth of resources, including Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes. Scroll down to find related sites and online quizzes appropriate for secondary students.

Dinosaurs: Prefixes and Suffixes
In this lesson, students will use a variety of prefixes and suffixes to create their own dinosaur names. They will draw a picture of the new dinosaur, and then type, edit, and print a story using a word processor. Designed for grades 4-5.

Negative Prefixes
Using a Cloze approach, students read a typical ad and supply the missing negative prefixes. Then they answer questions and do writing of their own. This 2-page handout requires a word processor for access.

Prefix Worksheets
5 worksheets providing practice with different word study skills.

This video, appropriate for all age groups, explains what a prefix is and gives examples. The video runs 3:07.

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots
Links to more than 30 printable worksheets addressing a variety of word skills. Each worksheet is clearly labeled. Adobe Reader required.

Prefixes, Suffixes, and Word Roots
Links to more than a dozen printable worksheets addressing a variety of word skills. Scroll to the bottom for 2 printable posters. Adobe Reader required.

Short Circuit
In this game students match prefixes and suffixes with their meanings. The game uses an engaging "power the communicator" premise. If you take your students to the lab for this, have them turn the sound down at least halfway before starting.

Spelling Words Correctly Using Prefixes
In this lesson students practice with the prefix "re-" and then move to other prefixes.

Sufficient Suffixes: Four in a Row
This game, designed for upper elementary, challenges students to add suffixes to change a word to a different part of speech. It requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access.

In these online lessons, students choose definitions of words based on their suffixes and on context clues, make new words by adding a suffix to a root word, and use suffixes to complete words. These activities are designed for adult learners but will work with middle school and above.

Visualizing Vocabulary
Students work with prefixes, suffixes, and root words and with illustrating concepts. This lesson is part of the National Writing Project.

Practice with prefixes and suffixes for a particular story will be on that story's page. Search by title.