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11 Classy Insults With Classical Greek and Latin Roots
From pediculous to morosoph , a list that could inspire some student invention.

Building a Better Vocabulary
This page includes a wealth of resources, including Latin root words, prefixes and suffixes. Scroll down to find related sites and online quizzes appropriate for secondary students.

Latin Roots
More than 500 collections of words with Latin roots that teachers have assembled and shared. Choose the list that best meets the needs of your students.

A List of 30 Common Word Roots in English
These roots come from both Latin and Greek.

Rooting One's Way to Meaning
Small groups of students will use the Visual Thesaurus to assist them in an inquiry based approach to discovering the meanings of some common Latin and Greek roots. Then, each student will then teach a particular root and related vocabulary words to another group of students through a "jigsaw" exercise.

Roots and their Families, Part 1 and Roots and their Families, Part 2
Students complete words in sentences by typing in the correct root, sort roots to complete sentences correctly, and answer questions about new words by using their roots as clues. These interactive lessons are designed for adult learners and will work for middle school and above.

Visualizing Vocabulary
High School students work with prefixes, suffixes, and root words and with illustrating concepts. This lesson is part of the National Writing Project.

Word Parts
Students study Latin and Greek bases for words. For each root word listed, an onsite worksheet provides its meaning, practice with the base, sample words and their meanings, and fill-in-the-blank sentences. Several of the roots relate to the Harry Potter books.