Rodman Philbrick
Lesson plans for Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty
Reading strategies and activities, including an anticipation guide, an approach to vocabulary, and a photographic narrative writing task.

Freak the Mighty
Summary, discussion questions, activities.

Freak the Mighty
An extensive list of student projects to support the novel.

Freak the Mighty
An extensive list of post-reading projects.

Literature-based skill building: Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick
This very extensive resource includes word study, discussion questions, vocabulary, practice with inferences, printable learning logs, conflict analysis, character analysis, more. 180 pages of printable handouts; Adobe Reader required.

Reading and Writing Workshop: Freak the Mighty
Skills addressed in this unit include the comprehension strategies of predicting with support and making personal connections, focusing on the use of voice in one's writing, figurative language, vocabulary development, and word study.

Write a book review with Rodman Philbrick
This site takes students through the process of writing a book review. (It uses a review of To Kill a Mockingbird as a model.) When they have finished, students can publish their reviews at the site.

The Young Man and the Sea
Summary, discussion points, author interview, related titles.