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If you are an insurance professional interested in adding public entities to your client list, you might be looking into ARM-P classes to assist with your ARM-P prep. The ARM-P certification stands for The Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities and allows insurance professionals to add governmental agencies to their client base. Varsity Tutors offers comprehensive ARM-P courses to help professionals like you streamline their ARM-P test prep.

If you want to earn ARM-P certification, you first need to pass the four separate high-stakes exams listed in the table below:

ARM Courses Focus
ARM 54 Risk Management Principles and Practices
ARM 55 Risk Assessment and Treatment
ARM 56 Risk Financing
RMPE 352 Risk Management for Public Entities

Of those, the first three cover generic risk management concepts while the RMPE 352 zeros in on the unique challenges of working with public entities. One of the advantages of contacting Varsity Tutors for all of your ARM-P tutoring needs is the ability to spend ARM-P class time as you see fit. If you're studying for the ARM 54, your ARM-P preparation may concentrate exclusively on that exam. The specifics of the RMPE 352 exam don't need to be introduced until you have reached that point in your ARM-P prep journey.

The RMPE 352 exam covers an extensive array of topics. The list below highlights some of the topics you could study over the course of your ARM-P test preparation:

  • Public sector risk management administration
  • Exposure identification and analysis for public entities
  • Distinctive liability exposures of public entities
  • Public entity risk control
  • Claim and litigation management for public entities
  • Planning risk financing sources for public entities
  • Pooling for public entity risk financing
  • Establishing public entity risk management programs
  • Public sector disaster planning/emergency response

If you comprehend the basics of public sector risk management but have a harder time with the legal side of the ledger, ARM-P tutors can concentrate on the latter to help improve study efficiency. Alternatively, your ARM-P course could concentrate on using analysis to quantify the level of risk exposure public entities are comfortable with.

A one-on-one learning environment also allows your instructor to tailor your ARM-P test prep to your unique needs. If you respond best to lecture-based instruction, your tutor can accommodate you by adopting a lecture-heavy approach. Alternatively, your sessions might emphasize real-world use cases to help bring abstract academic concepts into a more pragmatic light. There's also no arbitrary time limit on our ARM-P test prep options, allowing you to spend as much time on a given concept as you need.

Most laws and legal regulations treat public entities as a distinct category from either private businesses or individuals, differences that may be stressed during your ARM-P test prep sessions. Your ARM-P prep may also get into the why behind the differences between public entities and other clients. For example, public entities need to budget resources for large-scale emergency response scenarios whereas individuals and corporations need only protect their own assets. This difference may seem semantic, but it affects risk tolerance substantially.

We understand how busy working professionals can get, so we always try to match students with an instructor who fits into their schedule. All instruction happens on our proprietary Live Learning Platform, giving you the benefits of face-to-face ARM-P test prep without the logistics of an in-person meetup.

If you're ready to take your ARM-P prep to the next level, reach out to an Educational Consultant today for more information on how Varsity Tutors may be able to help you improve your study skills. We look forward to working with you!

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