Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith
Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Robert Kimmel Smith
The author's official site.

Chocolate Fever
This page includes a brief summary and author biography along with a prereading activity, thematic and interdisciplinary connections, and 3 vocabulary words.

Chocolate Fever Discussion Guide
Summary and 14 questions for literature circles. Printable student handout also has 3 activities, requires Adobe Reader for access.

For the Love of Chocolate
Follow links to learn where chocolate comes from, how it's processed, and why this sweet treat has become a fundamental part of showing our affection for one another. Follow-up by comparing and contrasting products made of chocolate.

Give Your Class the Fever with the Chocolate Fever Book
Students describe their own favorite foods, write a restaurant menu, and present to the class.

Guided Reading Lesson Plan
Pre-reading, word study (suffixes), vocabulary, comprehension questions, and post-reading.

How Chocolate is Made
A step-by-step nature report on how chocolate is grown and prepared from the cacao tree. This episode was shot live on location at a chocolate plantation in Costa Rica and shows chocolate being made into a drink and into candy bars. Includes historical and cultural information. At YouTube (4:35).