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Applying to law school requires a competitive application, including a good score on the LSAT. Varsity Tutors is here to help. Our online-based Detroit LSAT course can support your study for this career-defining examination. Top schools like the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law look at scores on the LSAT to understand how you will fit into their program, and preparation and study are crucial to pursuing a good score.

It is important for you to feel confident and focused while you take this timed standardized test - if you walk in unprepared, you may feel flustered with the amount of time provided or confused by different sections on the exam. When you work with an instructor to understand how the questions are formatted, how the sections are timed, and how you can eliminate incorrect answers, you can develop strong test-taking skills that benefit you on the LSAT. All of this through a 2-week or 4-week Detroit LSAT class!

What can a Detroit LSAT prep course do for me?

These courses are offered online with professional, knowledgeable instructors to help you understand how the LSAT works. The exam has a score range from 120 to 180, with 120 being the lowest possible score. While this does not seem like a large range, failing to answer questions in some sections because you ran out of time or because you feel confused about the possible answers means you're losing out on points. By preparing for the LSAT with practice tests and guided study sessions, you can feel more confident in using every minute you get to best effect.

Practice tests may feature questions from previous LSAT exams or are structured like questions found on the LSAT from years past. These practice exams will not provide you with answers to this year's LSAT, but you can understand how the sections are formatted so you can use your time as effectively as possible. A course instructor will also provide you with feedback and not just a numerical score, so you can learn how to format your written answers, eliminate incorrect multiple choice options, and develop approaches to analyzing the information provided in the question itself.

What can this Detroit LSAT course teach me about the format?

Through practice exams, you will become more familiar with how the LSAT is structured and timed. There are four sections of the LSAT, each with a specific amount of time allotted to complete it. If you do not complete that section in the allotted time, you will not be penalized by losing points, but you will not be able to get a very high score.

The Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning sections have only section each, and you will have only 35 minutes to complete each section. Your score on these sections will show law school admissions reviewers things like your ability to read and understand examples of long-form text with complex arguments, which you will be dealing with throughout your time in law school. You must understand the meaning and purpose of words when used in specific contexts, find the main idea and primary purpose of the writing, and understand the claims and arguments made in the text, among other questions. The Analytical Reasoning section measures your ability to draw conclusions and comprehend structures of relationships. Questions will test your ability to infer the truth from provided facts and rules, comprehend the basic structure of relationships, and determine complete solutions to posed problems.

The Logical Reasoning section is divided into two subsections, each with 35 minutes to complete it for a total of 70 minutes. Using sources from newspapers, advertisements, informal discourse, scholarly publications, and magazines, questions will highlight your ability to recognize arguments and their relationship to each other, similarities and differences in patterns of reasoning, and identifying flaws and explanations in arguments. You will need to understand the difference between facts and opinions and remove bias from certain arguments.

The Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning sections together lead to your final score, which will range from 120 to 180 points. The fourth section, Writing, does not award points but is still a required component of the exam. While there is no right or wrong position to be taken in this section, the Writing component presents you with a problem, and you must choose between two positions and defend your selection with sound reasoning. The Writing section is copied and sent, along with your LSAT scores, to law schools as you apply to them. The structure is different than the other three sections in the LSAT, so you may wonder how to prepare for this piece. A Detroit LSAT class online, guided by a professional LSAT instructor, gives you access to writing prompts and feedback on how to structure your writing for best effect.

Where can I find a Detroit LSAT course?

Varsity Tutors has several Detroit LSAT course options available through our online portal. You can take one of our 2-week classes or a 4-week class to prepare you for this important career examination. Group classes have been shown to improve students' general understanding of course material overall compared to studying by yourself. We also vet class instructors with a thorough interviewing process, so you get the most knowledgeable guidance during class time.

The best part of our Detroit LSAT classes is that they are available online. You can work with a group, asking questions and studying together, from the comfort of your own home. While working in person can benefit many people, the scheduling flexibility of online classes means you can go to work or school while still preparing for the LSAT. If you have any trouble with course material or specific questions regarding a test or section of the exam, you can schedule time with your instructor for one-on-one help. The combination of group work and individual attention gives you a great foundation for success, helping you feel prepared for this potentially impactful standardized test.

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