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I have taught ten different philosophy courses at the university level, plus independent studies and Honors College courses. I also have experience teaching and tutoring the LSAT. Finally, I have experience teaching philosophy to high school students through the North Carolina Governor’s School, East Campus and the Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP), both of which were residential summer programs.

I am committed to helping students acquire skills necessary for life-long learning. I prize education as an occasion for student development, discussion, and the refinement of communicative and analytical skills. I enjoy my role as a tutor and I anticipate increasing fulfillment as the scope and depth of my skills are expanded and refined.

I understand my role as a tutor to be a facilitator of the academic and intellectual development of students. I firmly believe that students should be provided with opportunities to achieve success every class. Materials should be organized as much as possible to accommodate diverse learning dispositions, so I try to vary my teaching methodology according to the needs of my students. My experience teaching philosophy has helped me develop the crucial ability to awaken the analytical skills and evaluative abilities in students. My goal is to empower students to become responsible, successful, and productive members of a multicultural society.

Undergraduate Degree:

Albion College - Bachelor in Arts, Philosophy

Graduate Degree:

Duke University - PHD, Philosophy

LSAT: 167

Music Composition, Painting, Poetry, and Martial Arts

12th Grade Writing

College English


Expository Writing

High School English

High School Writing


Persuasive Writing

Social Sciences