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If you're interested in taking the Series 7 exam, consider studying with a Denver Series 7 prep course provided by Varsity Tutors. In order to take this test, you should already have the SIE under your belt. Most students take the Series 7 test in order to become a licensed stockbroker in the United States. The purpose of this exam is to assess whether or not you're ready to work as a professional within this challenging and demanding industry. The Series 7 includes questions based on the sale of securities, risk factors, options, and many other important concepts. In order to reach your highest possible potential, it's important to take your studying seriously as you prepare for this exam. Like the SIE, this exam is an important step in your career path. But unlike the SIE, you can actually start working as a professional, licensed stockbroker upon successfully completing this exam. Perhaps you're coming from the University of Denver or Regis University, and the Series 7 is the next step of your career path. A prep course can help you review the necessary material, and it might help you approach this exam with a sense of confidence and preparedness.

What Might A Denver Series 7 Course Help Me Learn?

Your Denver Series 7 course might first help you become familiar with the overall structure of the exam. You'll have almost four hours to complete this exam, and there are 125 multiple choice questions to answer. You'll need a score of at least 72% to pass the Series 7 exam. Your instructor might inform you that on average, you'll have less than two minutes to complete each question. Because your time limit is such an important factor, your prep course might help you develop strategies to make the most of your time. For example, you might learn to skip questions that are eating up too much time.

Seven percent of the questions will revolve around seeking business for the broker-dealer from customers and leads. Nine percent of the exam will focus on opening accounts for customers after ascertaining their objectives. Seventy-three percent of the exam revolves around providing the customer with information about investments, including recommendations. Finally, eleven percent of the exam questions are based on obtaining the customers' purchase instructions and completing transactions.

That's the general structure of the Series 7 exam, but what specific concepts might you review as you take a prep course? You might cover things like the regulation of the overall industry. You might also touch on specific products and offerings you might provide as a stockbroker, including retirement plans, EFTs, mutual funds, and many others. You might also review customer disclosures, the rights of common stockholders, and other related issues. Taxation is an important part of this industry, and it's another topic you might review in your Denver Series 7 course. These are just a few topics that you might review, and your instructor might cover many others in depth.

How Might A Denver Series 7 Course Help You Study?

These prep courses have many important features that you might find beneficial as you study for the Series 7 exam. You'll join up in a virtual classroom, and your sessions will be guided by a highly qualified expert. Collaborative learning has shown many important advantages in various learning situations, and you might find that this learning style is especially helpful as you review the challenging concepts related to the Series 7 exam. Your fellow students might raise interesting points and ask insightful questions that you never thought to ask. New ideas might be exchanged, which could lead to a deeper, more enriched experience. Like your fellow students, you'll also have plenty of chances to contribute to the class discussion with questions and comments. And if you need to speak with your instructor a one-on-one, you can do that outside of your virtual class sessions.

How Do I Enroll For A Denver Series 7 Class?

With many different scheduling options to choose from, signing up for a Denver Series 7 class is easy. Even if you're a busy working professional or student, these classes are flexible enough to fit in with even the most hectic schedules. Choose from night classes, weekend classes, and even classes during your lunch break. You can also choose between two-week classes and four-week classes. You won't have to wait long to study for your Series 7 exam, because new classes start every single month. Remember, this is an important exam that has a real impact on your future. It makes sense to study with highly effective tools. Call Varsity Tutors today, and invest in a Denver Series 7 class.

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