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A Boston Series 7 exam prep course offered by Varsity Tutors might help you tackle this tricky exam with the confidence you need. If you're interested in taking this exam, you probably want to become a stockbroker in the US in the near future. The Series 7 exam is a necessary step you'll need to take to become a fully licensed stockbroker in the United States. The subject matter on this exam is challenging, and the questions you'll face are meant to assess whether you're ready to become a professional stockbroker. In order to fully understand these high-level concepts, you'll need to take your study sessions very seriously. A prep course could help you approach these concepts in a structured and efficient manner with proven benefits. Many different students and working professionals might be interested in taking the Series 7 exam. Perhaps you've taken courses at schools such as Suffolk University or Harvard University that have guided you towards becoming a stockbroker and taking the Series 7 exam. Maybe you're an entrepreneur or a working professional that wants a new challenge, or a chance to advance within your career. Whatever the case may be, a prep course could be an excellent educational resource to have at your fingertips.

What Might A Boston Series 7 Exam Course Help Me Learn?

Your Boston Series 7 exam course can help you review exactly how the Series 7 exam is structured. This exam is comprised of 125 multiple choice questions, and you'll have just under four hours to complete them all. This equates to an average of about 2 minutes per question. You'll need to achieve a score of at least 72% in order to pass. With these parameters in mind, your instructor might help you develop certain strategies that could really help. You might learn how to keep an eye on how long it's taking you to complete each question. If a question is taking too long, it makes sense to skip it and come back to it later. These are just a few examples of the strategies you might learn from your instructor in a prep course.

The Series 7 exam covers four basic skills: 7% of the exam is based on seeking business for the broker-dealer. 9% of the questions revolve around opening accounts for the customer and following their objectives. 73% of the exam is based on providing the customer with information about their future investments. 11% of the exam's questions revolve around following the customer's sales instructions and completing transactions.

Your Boston Series 7 exam course covers a wide range of additional topics. You might cover things like taxation, regulation, rights of common stockholders, margin issues, and much more. You might also review various products and offerings in depth, such as EFTs, retirement plans, mutual funds, and others.

How Might A Boston Series 7 Exam Course Help You Study?

When you sign up for a Boston Series 7 exam course, you'll join other students in an online, virtual classroom setting. These courses benefit from the proven advantages of a collaborative learning environment. These courses are highly interactive, and class discussions promote a deep, enriching educational experience. As your instructor guides you through the concepts you'll need to study, you can ask questions and make comments at your leisure. Other students will do the same, and new ideas can constantly flow through the course material. You might find that your fellow students point out issues that you never contemplated. They might also ask questions you never thought to ask. Each instructor is fully qualified, and an expert of this industry. A strict vetting process ensures that each instructor has excellent communication skills. You can communicate with your instructor outside of class sessions on a one-on-one basis if you ever need extra help with any of these challenging concepts.

How Do I Enroll For A Boston Series 7 Exam Class?

There are many different flexible options to choose from when you sign up for a Boston Series 7 exam class. You can sign up for night classes, weekend classes, and even classes during your lunch break! These scheduling options are great for working professionals, busy students, or anyone else who might not have a lot of free time. You can also choose between two-week and four-week classes, and new classes begin monthly. Choose an educational system which could give you a real advantage on your upcoming Series 7 exam. Contact Varsity Tutors today, and book your Boston Series 7 exam class.

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