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If you're interested in becoming a Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse, you'll have to take some form of the NCLEX, and Varsity Tutors can help you prepare with a Columbus NCLEX prep course. Whether you're studying at Ohio State University, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, or any other area institution, you've put a lot of time, effort, and expense into your education to have come this far. Passing the NCLEX may be one of the last hurdles you'll have to leap to see that investment to fruition, and a Columbus NCLEX course can give you the guidance you need to make that happen. You'll learn alongside other prospective RNs and PNs in an online classroom, and you'll have access to the tutelage of an expert NCLEX instructor.

What can a Columbus NCLEX class help me study?

The NCLEX-RN, taken by those pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse, and the NCLEX-PN, for Practical Nurses, differ in a few instances - for example, the NCLEX-RN has sections on Management of Care and Parenteral Therapies that aren't included on the NCLEX-PN - but for the most part, the tests are very similar. Both put your knowledge of patient care at the forefront, and expect you to be able to integrate concepts from the fields of the social, biological, and physical sciences into that understanding of patient care. The test also covers fundamental processes like the teaching/learning relationship between the nurse and the client, and proper communication and documentation in nursing. There's a lot to get your head around, but a Columbus NCLEX course can aid you in breaking these topics down and reviewing them systematically so you can work towards a solid grasp of these concepts.

Test-taking skills may be an important aspect of success on the test, too, particularly as the NCLEX is presented in a somewhat unique way. The test uses a technology called Computerized Adaptive Testing, which re-assesses your abilities every time you answer a question, and chooses the next question based on your cumulative performance thus far. The computer adjusts the difficulty of the test, aiming to give you a 50/50 chance of answering each successive question correctly, so the more questions you answer, the more accurate the assessment of your skills becomes. This presentation is likely very different from other tests you've taken in your academic career, and it means that you can't go back and change your answers. A Columbus NCLEX course can help you get familiar with this system, and develop test-taking strategies that can have you feeling confident in your performance on test day.

What can a Columbus NCLEX class do to help me learn?

A Columbus NCLEX class is taught entirely online, in a collaborative classroom where you'll be able to see, hear, and speak with your teacher and classmates over video chat. This can make the class feel much the same as a traditional, in-person classroom would. Your professional NCLEX instructor can lead the class in a review of topics like Pharmacological Therapies or Health Promotion and Maintenance, and may break the class up into groups so you can work cooperatively with your peers. This kind of mutually-supportive learning has been shown to aid students in learning and retaining information, and can bring you into conversation with new perspectives on nursing. You may be able to imagine how useful talking through a subject like proper respect of the culture and spirituality of clients with a diverse group of learners can be. You'll also be able to reserve one-on-one time with your instructor outside of class, so you can clear up any difficulties you're having.

An online course offers some distinct benefits. While video chat brings you face-to-face with your classmates just like a more traditional course would, you won't have to worry about commuting, which can make fitting a course into your day easier and can free up valuable study time. There are also a wide range of course meeting times on offer, so you can find something that works for you, even if you have a demanding schedule. An online course gives you control over your own physical study space, too. You can access the course from anywhere that you have an internet connection, so you can work from somewhere that you find comfortable and free of distractions.

How can I get signed up?

Varsity Tutors employs educational consultants who would be happy to provide you with more details about what you'll experience in a Columbus NCLEX course, find a course section that suits your needs, and get you enrolled. Courses start every month, so you can get started on preparing for the NCLEX quickly. Give us a call today, and you may be not only pursuing success on the NCLEX, but also working to build skills that may continue to pay off throughout your career.

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