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If you're studying for your CPA exam, you might want to take advantage of a Columbus CPA exam prep course made available by Varsity Tutors. Remember, the CPA exam is mandatory if you want to become a licensed accountant in the USA. All 55 jurisdictions within the US require you to successfully pass, so it's important to study effectively. A prep course could be a valuable asset leading up to your exam dates, and it might help you reach for your full potential. This is a challenging exam that covers many complex concepts, so there's a lot to study before you're truly ready.

Of course, the CPA is only one component of a three-pronged assessment system called the "Three Es:" Examination, Education, and Experience. The purpose of the CPA is to determine whether or not you're truly ready to act as a professional in this demanding field. As such, questions are largely based on specific tasks and duties you might perform as a real public accountant.

A career as an accountant appeals to many different people. Perhaps you're a working professional who sees the CPA exam as a means to advance in your career. Maybe you're just looking for a new challenge in an industry with promising opportunities. You might be a fresh graduate of Ohio State University or Ohio Dominican University. Your educational journey thus far might have prepared you for a career as an accountant, with the CPA exam being one of the last steps. Whatever the case may be, a prep course can help you overcome this important hurdle.

What Might You Learn With An Columbus CPA Exam Course?

The CPA exam covers a wide range of different topics, and in total, you'll need to spend approximately 16 hours taking the different examinations. These exams are split into four sections, each with a time limit of 4 hours. A passing score of at least 75% is required in each section, so you'll have to study all the various concepts with equal focus. This might seem like a lot to cover, but you do have 18 months in which to pass all four sections.

Each section covers a different aspect of your career as a professional accountant. One section covers concepts related to Financial Accounting and Reporting. Another section focuses on the skills related to Audition and Attestation. A third section tests your knowledge of Regulation, while a final section is all about Business Environment and Concepts. Each section includes 62 or more multiple choice questions, a number of task-based simulations, and in some cases a written communication section.

Once you understand the structure of the CPA exam, you might be better equipped to efficiently tackle it. Your instructor might help you develop certain strategies that could help with each section, as well as tactics for handling each question format. For example, you can approach your multiple choice section strategically by keeping an eye on the time limit, and knowing how long you need to spend on each question. If one question is taking too long, it might be logical to skip it entirely and continue on with the exam. Those are just a few examples of how your Columbus CPA exam course can help you reach for your full potential within the time limits of the CPA exam.

Your prep course might also help you review specific concepts that the exam covers, including operations management, information technology, select transactions, and much more.

How Does A Columbus CPA Exam Course Help You Learn?

These courses are highly collaborative and interactive, and they take place in a virtual classroom setting. You might discover that your Columbus CPA exam course is an excellent mixing pot of new ideas and concepts, as your fellow students raise interesting points and ask intelligent, relevant questions. Of course, you'll also have every opportunity to ask your own questions and contribute to the class discussions whenever you see fit. Expert, highly qualified instructors will lead your lessons and help you review challenging concepts in depth. If you ever need extra help, contacting your instructor is easy.

How Can You Sign Up For An Columbus CPA Exam Class?

There are many flexible scheduling options to choose from when booking your Columbus CPA exam class. Whether you're a busy student or a full-time working professional, you can find a class that's ideal for you. Choose from night classes to weekend classes and even classes during your lunch break. You can also choose between two-week and four-week classes. New classes start up every single month, so act now! Take your studying seriously, and contact Varsity Tutors today to book your first Columbus CPA exam class.

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