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Varsity Tutors can set you up with a comprehensive Missouri Bar prep program designed to help prepare you for the Missouri Bar exam. Every state has a different process when it comes to becoming admitted as an attorney. In Missouri, prospective lawyers are required to take the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE), and the Missouri Educational Component Test (MECT) in order to practice in the state.

The UBE is comprised of three different exams: the Multistate Performance Test (MPT), the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), and the Multistate Essay Examination (MEE). These tests are designed to evaluate your legal knowledge, ability to communicate effectively, and how well you're able to apply legal concepts. You will be required to pass all three of these assessments when taking the Missouri Bar exam. Regardless of whether you're a law student or an admitted attorney interested in working in the state, our Missouri Bar prep services can help you get ahead. Let's take a look at some of the benefits you may experience from studying in an online classroom or working directly with a private tutor.

How can Missouri Bar preparation help prepare me for the MECT?

The MECT is a 33-question assessment that you're required to pass in addition to the UBE before being permitted to practice law in Missouri. It's an open-book test administered by the Missouri Board of Law Examiners and the Supreme Court of Missouri. The test covers a wide range of legal topics, including torts, business law, the court system in Missouri, and civil procedure. When you begin the exam, you'll be given review material known as the "Missouri Materials." This material covers a number of different subjects in law, including the topics mentioned above, and can be used for reference when taking the MECT.

Despite being an open-book assessment, the MECT can be challenging. To pass the exam, you should have a good understanding of the law and how it's applied. You'll need to know how to identify important information when reading through the study material and how you can use that information to solve a problem. If this is something you may need some help with, studying in a Missouri Bar preparation program can enable you to learn in a way that works for you. A private tutor or course instructor can help you prepare by reviewing the material you're likely to encounter on the test. They can also help you become familiar with the format of the test, show you how to identify important information within the reading material, and how to sharpen your reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Bar applicants in Missouri are also required to pass the MPRE. This 60-hour, multiple-choice assessment looks at rules and ethics in the legal system. You'll be required to have a strong understanding of topics like how to identify and prevent conflicts of interest, how to adhere to the legal profession's code of conduct, maintaining client confidentiality, and regulations within the profession. A course instructor or private tutor can help you prepare for this through a mixture of examples, in-depth discussions, and activities. You can talk about recent cases where lawyers and judges committed ethical violations, look at situations lawyers should avoid, and explore all the different roles of an attorney.

How could Missouri Bar prep help me study for the MBE?

The MBE is a comprehensive, 200-question assessment delivered in multiple-choice format. The assessment lasts six hours and is broken up into two sessions. Some of the topics covered in the test include torts, civil procedure, criminal law and procedure, and evidence. There's a lot of material covered in this assessment, and working with a private tutor or enrolling in a prep class can help you study more efficiently.

Participating in one of our prep programs gives you the chance to prepare for the MBE through guided instruction. An academic mentor can help you become familiar with the material covered in the assessment in addition to helping you sharpen your test-taking skills. You can learn how to manage your time effectively, identify subtle differences in two or more similar answers, and how to think critically when answering questions. An instructor or tutor can also help you become accustomed to standardized tests, decreasing the likelihood of becoming confused or overwhelmed when taking the assessment.

What should I focus on when preparing for the MPT?

For many test-takers, the MPT can feel like one of the more challenging assessments on the Missouri Bar exam. Despite only having two questions, this test is actually quite comprehensive. Each question comes with its own file containing information like police reports, case notes, interviews, newspaper clippings, and notes on your client. You'll use this information to aid you when answering the question, which means you need to have strong analytical skills and know-how to identify and apply any relevant information you come across.

The MPT isn't like most other assessments. You're not quizzed on how well you can remember a legal concept, but rather your ability to apply those concepts. The goal of this test is to measure your ability to practice law in a real-world setting.

Missouri Bar preparation can help you study for the MPT more effectively. Our programs can give you the chance to learn new perspectives and methods to draw upon when reading through the material. You can learn how to better organize your thoughts so you can deliver a compelling argument in your answers. A tutor or course instructor can also give you tips on how to quickly identify which information is and isn't relevant, so you don't spend so much time reading the files that you don't have enough time to answer the questions. Best of all, if you feel you're falling behind when studying for the MPT, you can arrange to meet privately with a course instructor for additional assistance. If you're studying with a tutor, feel free to ask for additional explanations and examples. Both programs give you the chance to work with a professional who's committed to helping you study for the MPT and the rest of the assessments you'll encounter when taking the Missouri Bar exam.

How can Missouri Bar preparation help me study for the MEE?

The MEE is a six-question evaluation that looks at your ability to solve problems, deliver compelling written arguments, and demonstrate your legal knowledge in a number of different scenarios. The exam is delivered in essay format and lasts for a total of three hours. It covers similar topics as the MBE but focuses on your legal reasoning skills instead of looking at your knowledge of key concepts.

There are several advantages that come from studying through a Bar prep program. Your instructor or tutor can give you tips on how to take notes and outline your main points, then use those notes to write a structured response. They can even help you learn how to incorporate multiple perspectives and consider all the facts when writing your answer, so you don't overlook any important information. That way, you're better prepared to touch on all the essential points in your answers.

What are some other benefits of Missouri Bar prep?

Both of our Bar prep programs are designed to be as convenient as possible, which is why lessons are held online. If you decide on private instruction, you’ll meet via our Live Learning Platform. There, you can connect with your instructor and take advantage of great learning tools like virtual whiteboards and video chat, and sessions are recorded so you can review them whenever you want some extra review outside of sessions. The advantage that comes from this is that you never have to worry about rushing across town to attend a study session. You can learn from anywhere, provided you have internet access and a compatible computer, tablet, and portable device.

Registering for classroom lessons gives you the chance to study alongside other people also preparing for the Missouri Bar exam. Together, you can solve problems, share information, and look at multiple approaches to solving a problem. If you prefer learning through collaboration, this may be the perfect option for you. We offer two and four-week classes and several time slots throughout the week. If you're unable to find a time that works for you right now, don't worry. New classes open up every month, so you'll always have the opportunity to plan your schedule accordingly.

Private tutoring is just as convenient. Simply let us know when you're available and we'll try to find a qualified tutor who can work with you at that time. This is great for people who have busy schedules or work irregular hours, as you can arrange to meet at any time--even at night or over the weekend.

How do I sign up for Bar prep near me?

Are you interested in studying for the Missouri Bar exam through interactive and engaging lessons? If so, Varsity Tutors can help. Reach out to an educational consultant via phone or online and ask for more information about our Missouri Bar prep programs. We can answer any questions you have and will enroll you in a course or set you up with a qualified tutor.

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