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Have you ever imagined working in the field of digital security but weren't sure where to start? Varsity Tutors can help you connect with the perfect CCNA Cyber Ops test prep to get you started on your path. But what is CCNA Cyber Ops prep? Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Cyber Ops test preparation covers the two distinct areas of the CCNA certification exams.

CCNA Cyber Ops classes are ideal for those who are brand new to the field and for those who have worked in IT for awhile, but who want to move towards cyber security specialization to expand their career opportunities.

CCNA Cyber Ops prep is essential for ensuring you have the latest information in a field that is constantly changing. It is also a great way to build your testing confidence. In a CCNA Cyber Ops class you will have the ability to not only get a comprehensive overview of the exam topics, but also the ability to dive deeper into areas that are more challenging for you personally.

The security fundamentals (SECFND) is the first exam in the certification process. It covers the fundamental concepts necessary to excel in the field of cyber security. CCNA Cyber Ops tutoring for the SECFND exam covers the components of each of the exam topics. For a full breakdown of the topics covered in the exam along with the percentage of the exam score designated to each topic, please see the table below:

SECFND Exam Topics

Topic Test Percentage
1.0 Network Concepts 12%
2.0 Security Concepts 17%
3.0 Cryptography 12%
4.0 Host-Based Analysis 19%
5.0 Security Monitoring 19%
6.0 Attack Methods 21%

CCNA Cyber Ops prep isn't limited to just the fundamentals, however. CCNA Cyber Ops test prep also includes preparation for the SECOPS exam. CCNA Cyber Ops test prep helps you nail down the details necessary for cyber security procedures to work effectively. If you aren't confident in all areas of cyber security operations, a CCNA Cyber Ops course can give you the detailed instruction you need in a specific area.

The cyber security operations (SECOPS) exam tests to make sure you have a firm understanding of the day to day operations in a security operations center, so you hit the ground running when you land your first job in the field. Even if you have all of the tech skills necessary to diagnose and resolve security issues, if you don't have a solid understanding of the standard operating procedures, you won't be able to work efficiently within an operations center.

CCNA Cyber Ops tutors can help you prepare for the 5 topics covered in the exam, as well as the component skills within each topic. To learn more about the specific topics covered in the SECOPS exam and to see the percentage of the exam devoted to each, please review the following table:

SECOPS Exam Topics

Topic Test Percentage
1.0 Endpoint Threat Analysis and Computer Forensics 15%
2.0 Network Intrusion Analysis 22%
3.0 Incident Response 18%
4.0 Data and Event Analysis 23%
5.0 Incident Handling 22%

If you are serious about a career in cyber security, CCNA Cyber Ops prep is one of the best places to start. By signing up for CCNA Cyber Ops test prep, you are making a commitment to your future in the field of cyber security. CCNA Cyber Ops preparation is a powerful first step to making your dreams come true. If you're ready to begin taking CCNA Cyber Ops courses, contact Varsity Tutors today.

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